The saying goes that it takes 21 days to stabilize a habit, and 90 days to create a lifestyle. But, we all know how difficult that first day can be, and things don’t get any easier as we persevere through a whole new way of taking on our day to day life. Compounded by advice on what to eat, and expert insight from multiple (sometimes differentiating) sources, making a dietary augmentation to your lifestyle often comes bundled with confusion to complement complexity.

What we often hear at Cornerstone, given that we often advocate for Keto, is that the specifics of the diet make it a great deal harder to manage than others. We’ve talked about the topic regularly, but the idea here is that we break things down in such a way that the information is digestible and honest. Trust us – it’s not as scary as one might think!

What symptoms to expect when starting Keto:

A common search engine query sounds like ‘keto symptoms’ or ‘what can I expect when I start keto’. Typical responses include the keto flu, dehydration, constipation, mental and physical fogginess, and losses in strength and endurance. Though these answers are correct, it’s also important to remember that everyone’s body will respond to changes differently, that you really shouldn’t take each story as gospel. The ticket to succeeding with keto, or any lifestyle augmentation, is consulting with a trusted medical partner. In this case, your story will sound a whole lot more like ‘I was prepared for this symptom and less like ‘I suffered through this symptom.’

For example, we recommend supplementing your new diet with the proper nutrients and a great deal of water in the early days of your keto experience. This will combat much of the severity of the symptoms outlined, and there’s a great deal more information available at our clinic.

What changes to expect when starting Keto:

With symptoms out of the way we can move on to changes, the second of the two queries. At the core of the keto diet is an increase in good fats and little-to-no carbs or sugar. You can read a thorough breakdown of the ketosis process on our blog, here, but the short and sweet of it is that our bodies begin to use ketones as a primary fuel source, and the difference is phenomenal.

For example, maintaining ketosis and feeding your brain ketones will contribute to clearer and brighter skin, reduced bloating, mental acuity, deeper, more restful sleep, and a continuing list that truly justifies the change.

Hesitation is natural when our lifestyle is at risk of being changed. We leverage our routines to find success, maintain our health, and ultimately live. The critical question that we rarely ask ourselves is whether our routines are broken or poorly optimized, and if we’re living the way we want to be. Changes like these don’t have to be severe or daunting, either. Optimization can be an enjoyable experimentation process if managed correctly, and the results of success can be felt both by you and those in your proximity.


If you’re interested in exploring keto further, and partnered with an expert on the topic, we welcome you to join us for Dr. Ben’s Keto Boot Camp. Contact us today to get the ball rolling, and explore our other keto publications to fill out any gaps in your knowledge. Let’s get started!

Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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