The self-paced course designed to help biohack your energy, improve your mood and increase your productivity – to help you recover from, and prevent, burnout.

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11 modules of science-backed resources, designed to help you sleep better, wake up more rested and curb those cravings

smart ways to support your food, your exercise and your boundaries so that you recover from and avoid future burnout

the tools we’ve refined over 10 years of clinical practice that have helped tens of thousands of our patients bounce back from burnout


Dr. Ashley Margeson

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ashley is a woman’s health advocate who is obsessed with periods. Named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 40 Under 50’s by 21Inc she isn’t afraid of hard work. She is the host of the acclaimed podcast, The Superwoman Code, which has over 6,300 women tuning in every week to learn how to make their hormones work for them, not against them.

Over her clinical practice she has worked with thousands of women on managing their hormones, improving fertility outcomes and supporting mood swings. In 2017 she started noticing trends in both her patients (and the research) showing that women were burning out at a faster rate than their male counterparts – and she wanted to know why.

A recovering perfectionist who has rebounded from burnout three times, she knew that as her practice grew she needed to support her health. She couldn’t afford to get burnt out again – and she didn’t want to be tired all the time. So she started researching how hormonal swings could be tied to productivity, to sleep and to energy, and to sex drives. What she found shocked her. Not only were women more predisposed to burnout, the way we were talking about managing burnout was geared towards men, not to women. There was a huge gap in the conversation and it needed to be filled.

Dr. Ben Connolly

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ben is a successful entrepreneur, naturopathic doctor and Dad to two kids who is the CEO of Cornerstone Naturopathic; Canada’s leading centre for natural healthcare. He has been named Health Disruptor by Saint Mary’s University for his work, and is committed to creating a life that supports a work-life balance.

Since 2011, Dr. Ben has been working with executives, busy moms and high achievers to manage their pain, support their sleep and boost their energy. His role as a Naturopathic Doctor is to dive into all the other areas of the body that might not be optimal for his patients. And what he found was that although his patients were complaining about low energy and sleep, they were also inflamed, reacting to foods, having headaches, and getting bloated (to name a few symptoms). It wasn’t just one issue, it was a syndrome of symptoms – and that syndrome is called burnout.

It wasn’t until experiencing burnout himself in the aftermath of a divorce that Dr. Ben started to search for a different way to approach it with patients. The stressors of every day life were going to keep coming, and creating “breaks” in peoples day wasn’t enough to help them get over it. There was a huge gap in the conversation, and burnout needed to be taken seriously.

With a combined clinical experience of over 14 years, Dr. Ben and Dr. Ashley have designed tools in their clinical practice that actively support their patients recovery from burnout. These tools have been tried and tested on thousands of patients, and Burnout Blueprint was born from that work. This course is years of research, testing, papers and practice condensed into 11 modules that are specifically designed to support burnout in a way that is actually sustainable.

This isn’t a course that will tell you to “take a break” or “relax”.

This is a course that will give you real tools to strategically support your health.

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