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In an ideal world, our diets alone would fulfill our nutritional needs. However, in our fast-paced lives, maintaining a nutrient-rich diet can be challenging. Especially during demanding times—whether you’re a new parent, managing a busy career and personal life, planning a wedding, or frequently traveling—our bodies crave extra nourishment. While we strive to absorb as much nutrition as possible from our meals, the increased need can outpace our intake. Supplementing our diets thoughtfully can help bridge this gap, supporting our wellbeing and ensuring we remain energized and vibrant through all of life’s stages.   


The Benefits of IV Therapy


In the world of fast-paced careers, busy lives and social commitments, it can be hard to keep your energy, mood and quality of life high. Utilizing your blood and lab work, intake and specific medical needs, our team designs an Intravenous Nutrition (IV Therapy) formula designed to specifically support your “stress” glands (known as your adrenals) or medical needs. These powerhouse glands are responsible for creating and secreting adrenaline, cortisol, DHEA and noreadrenaline that work to get us through the day – but these glands are also highly dependent on specific nutrients. If you’re burning the candle at both ends than you require these nutrients at a much higher level and in an easily absorbed form.


If you’re operating (or you need to operate) at the highest level mentally, physically and emotionally you need to be replenishing the biochemical needs of your body. Because health should be individualized, not generic, we work with you to understand your nutritional demands before formulating the perfect drip for your unique needs. Our goals involve more energy, a more robust immune system and better mental clarity.



Specific Ingredients 


Amino Acids:
Fatigue, anxiety, depression and post-concussion syndrome can all wreck havoc on our mood. Amino Acids are utilized to improve the creation of the neurotransmitters required to keep your brain working at tip top shape. Specific amino acids like glycine can be used in the moment to promote calmness, and a discussion around the medical potential of NAD IV Therapy is key when symptoms of depression are present. These amino acids are also combined with targeted vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help support the body’s natural production of mood-lifting neurotransmitters.


NAD (nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide)

The nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide (NAD) molecule is a powerhouse of mitochondrial health. For improved energy, mental clarity, recovery from chronic fatigue symptoms, anti-aging benefits and performance optimization, NAD is a key factor in ensuring your body is working optimally, and not just getting by. 


For more information on the science behind NAD IV Therapy and NAD Infusions, click here. 


Intravenous Vitamin C

Intravenous Vitamin C is the administration of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) into the system through a vein. This allows us to achieve a concentration of Vitamin C in the blood, which is unobtainable through conventional oral ingestion. Vitamin C has been found to be extremely safe and the risk of side effects are low.


Often used in integrative cancer care, IV Vitamin C has been shown to increase quality of life for cancer patients, while also decreasing side effects of conventional treatments. IV Vitamin C may also be used to treat seasonal allergies and hayfever symptoms. 


For more information, visit our dedicated page on Vitamin C Infusions.


The Myers’ Cocktail


The Myers’ Cocktail is a combination of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium administered intravenously. The formulations used at Cornerstone Naturopathic are designed from the original research on the Myers’ Cocktail, but our medical team formulates specifically for your medical needs. This means your blood work and additional lab work are taken in combination with your intake to ensure the IV Therapy Formulation specifically for you is designed for your medical needs. 

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Dr. Ben Connolly, ND

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND


Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND


Dr. Jeremy Hayman, ND

Dr. Jeremy Hayman, ND



Most extended insurance plans cover Naturopathic Medical Services. At the end of your visit you will receive a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance provider! Please inquire with your provider as to what your benefits cover.


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