5 Tips to Get You Moving

Apr 12, 2020

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND


The countdown to the Bluenose is on. For those running the marathon, you’ve been training hard. But if you’re just looking to live a healthier life my favourite tips for wannabe movers are below!

[one] don’t do it all at once

I’m fresh off a sports medicine course at Harvard University so this one is at the top of my mind; you don’t have to run to be active. Most people aren’t actually strong enough to run properly, so set yourself up for success by walking consistently a few times a week. This will decrease your chance of hip and knee injury while improving your health.

[two] go for time

Set yourself a timer, and move for that amount of time. Start with 20 minutes, so 10 minutes away from your house and 10 minutes back. Your distance will increase the more you do it, but 20 minutes of moderate exercise (quick enough to get your heart rate up, but not enough to leave you winded) 3x per week has been shown to decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as diabetes and obesity.

[three] feed your muscles for recovery

If you’re not a consistent mover currently you probably don’t need a recovery drink. What you do need to ensure is that you’re getting enough protein, magnesium and water in your day-to-day to facilitate muscle recovery. If you don’t have enough protein, you’re muscles aren’t going to be able to build and make you stronger, too little magnesium will result in overly tight muscles and dehydration decreases your ability to recover both mentally and physically.

[four] do it together

Accountability is key. If you’re the type of person who needs someone else to help hold you accountable then use that to your advantage. Grab a friend (or someone you want to know better) from the office or a class you take, or pull your kids along for the ride. Not only does this mean you’ll actually get out for your walk, you’re also helping to improve the health of others around you.

[five] strengthen your core

If your goal is to run/walk a 5k, 10k or even a marathon the most important group of muscles to maintain is your core. Why? Because this is where your strength actually comes from. Planks, breathing exercises and fitness classes all help improve your core muscles. This also ensures that you’re working out different muscles, which decreases your risk for injury. The more different activities you do, the better off you actually are!

If you’re running this Bluenose, trust your training and don’t do any major change ups to your routine. If you’re looking to run next year… start by strengthening your core. Your body will thank you. 


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