5 Healthy Lunch Recipes To Get You Through The Work Week

Feb 11, 2019

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND


Weekday mornings can be hectic—even more so if you’re *not* a morning person (like Dr. Ash). Within that morning scramble of trying to dress for the weather, speeding through your skincare routine, waking up kids and putting a passable breakfast together, the “Buy or bring?” lunch question often fades into the background. (Which means “buy” wins by default.). But have no fear, these work-week lunch recipes will have you feeling like you’re flying high and stress free in no-time. 

But life doesn’t have to be complicated, and a little bit of meal preparation on Sunday or even the night before (grilling some chicken, making some rice, chopping up some vegetables) can truly make a difference on your health (and your wallet!) by the end of the week.

Here we go!

Monday: Grilled Chicken and Roasted Veggies with Rice

This is Dr. Ben’s fresh take on chicken and rice that is anything but boring. For Monday’s lunch, place cooked rice in a food-storage container, with asparagus, sliced peppers and onions, one grilled chicken breast, one peeled boiled egg, and 1 Tbsp of hummus. Top with fresh cilantro and lime juice to bring an extra jolt of flavor—and revel in the fact that you’re saving money by including a smaller portion of chicken, but still getting ample protein by adding a less-expensive, hard-boiled egg.

Tuesday: Burrito Bowl with Ground Turkey

Ordering out has *nothing* on this DIY burrito bowl. Place chopped iceberg lettuce, ground turkey, sliced peppers and onions, and chopped Roma tomato in a food storage container. Top with fresh cilantro, lime juice, and half of an avocado.
When prepping your burrito bowl, Dr. Ash recommends separating fresh ingredients (like lettuce and cilantro) from the ingredients that will be heated (like ground turkey), to avoid that unpalatable “leftovers” taste.

Wednesday: Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Just wrap one or two turkey patties with iceberg lettuce—see ya, burger-bun carb crash—and sliced tomato. Serve your sandwich alongside vitamin-rich sweet potato fries for an added hit of energy.

Thursday: Roasted Pear & Gouda Sandwich with Baby Spinach

Sandwiches are a great option for packing lunch, but you need to keep things interesting and healthy. This sandwich includes sweet, smoky roasted pears, gouda and crisp baby spinach. It is served on one piece of sourdough bread, so come prepared with a fork and knife just in case!

Friday: Greek Quinoa Salad

The stars of this salad are sweet tomatoes, creamy feta and salty olives, but the humble quinoa base deserves praise, too! Quinoa is such a magical little grain. It’s one of a handful of sources of complete vegan protein—which means that it provides all the amino acids that aren’t made in the human body (called the essential amino acids). Toss quinoa with red onions, tomatoes, feta, olives, cucumber and a great dressing and you’ll be cruising on the mediterranean in no time!


Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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