Are you feeling tired?  Do you find yourself dragging through your day?  Do you need a boost but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some simple fixes that are easy to fit into your daily routine.

Hydration – Did you know that once you’re thirsty you’re actually already dehydrated?  Blood becomes thicker and flows more slowly which means nutrients take longer to get to cells and wastes take longer to be eliminated.  It tires you out. To keep that blood flowing keep your hydration steady at 8 to 13 glasses of water (of course if you’re active or in need of higher levels, make sure you’re getting what you need!)

Sleep – You know that not getting enough sleep means you’re tired, but sometimes getting too much sleep can do the same thing. Set up your sleeping space to be dark and comfortably cool, and maintain a rule that the bed is a place for sleep, not electronics. These simple tricks will keep you sleeping through the night and make your sleep schedule easier to maintain. Your brain will get used to it and fall asleep more easily and help you to wake refreshed.

Eating too close to bedtime – Are you a night time snacker?  Are you digesting instead of resting?  Eating food naturally speeds up your metabolism, so if you’re eating too close to bedtime you risk revving up and not winding down.  Eat at least 3 hours prior to bedtime and have something with both fat and protein in combination to ensure some staying power into the night.

B-Vitamins – The key nutrient required for digesting carbohydrates? It’s B Vitamins. But those B Vitamins are used everywhere in your body, making them really easy to become deficient in your nutrient stores. If that happens, you can’t effectively digest and utilize those carbohydrates.  Eating mostly refined and processed foods depletes B vitamins and if you aren’t consciously replenishing them you can feel tired.

And have you ever heard about B12? It’s used to make energy in your body, so when you don’t have enough of it you’re not making enough energy. It’s hard to get from food though, so if you’re wanting to boost your levels consider a B12 shot from one of our Naturopathic Doctors today.

Allergies & Inflammation – If your body is fighting against something constantly you are going to feel tired.  Eating foods that don’t agree with you, being exposed to environmental allergens or dealing with chronic inflammation can leave you feeling exhausted. Want a quick starting guide? Shop on the edges of the grocery store and steer clear of foods with a nutrition label on them.

Overeating – Digesting and processing food takes a lot of energy.  When we eat the right amount of food there is a surplus of energy available for our multitude of needs.  If we eat too much food the body uses up more of it’s resources to process food and store it as fat.  Big occasions like Thanksgiving Dinner tend to leave us feeling drowsy and sluggish.  Eat slowly and check in to see how you feel, stopping just when satiated.

Depression – Lots of things can affect mood from seasons to nutrient deficiencies to life trauma.  When things get to be too much depression can set in leaving you feeling blue, exhausted and lacking the motivation to do fun activities.  Feeling this way? Our team of Naturopathic Doctors might be able to give you a hand in giving your body the supports it needs.

Lack of exercise – Although it can feel daunting to try to exercise when you are feeling fatigued, it actually helps you to feel more energetic in the long run (no pun intended!) . Exercise brings more oxygen into the body, and ensures that it can get to where it needs to go. That means every brain cell, organ cell and even skin cell is getting more nutrients. What a way to spark your energy production!

Drugs – Some drugs are known to just zap energy.  Some prevent the absorption of nutrients, some deplete electrolytes slowing neurological response and some can even slow your heart rate. There are ways to support your body’s biochemical systems that allow you to boost your energy production without interfering with your pharmaceutical medication. Express your concerns to your doctor and speak with your Naturopathic Doctor about other options.

Electronics – Being wired all the time can leave you tired.  Unplug on a regular basis to allow your body to recharge.  Turn off devices at bedtime so notifications aren’t making noise all night. Responding to things in real time can cause stress as can social media posts that are upsetting or controversial. Taking a three day break from all screen time can afford the body a rest from such stresses and present free time to connect with nature and build human relationships.

We are in control of so many variables.  Pick just one or two on the list and start boosting your energy today!

Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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