How to Spring Clean Your Health Routine

Apr 23, 2020

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND


Yesterday morning we all woke up, took a deep breath in and said “ah… spring is here”. It took a while to arrive here on the east coast, but now that it has I’m about to relish in all the warm weather we’ve got! However, nothing quite kills that warm-weather buzz faster than the idea of “spring cleaning”. Not to worry though, I’m not going to tell you to set aside seven days for a massive home cleaning (ain’t nobody got time for that!), but I do have 6 essentials to help you kick your healthy habits up a notch. 

1. Declutter old medications and supplements 

There’s nothing worse than reaching for something only to realize that it’s expired. Declutter your medicine cabinet of anything that’s been untouched for longer than a year or past it’s expiry date. Empty all pills into a ziplock bag and take them to your local pharmacy to dispose of. 

2. Organize your inbox

This may not be top on your healthy spring cleaning list, but a major source of stress in many people’s lives is their inbox. Put aside a few hours to delete, respond-to and schedule your emails so that you can stay on top of them throughout the year. 

3. Choose in-season, local produce. 

Is organic better for you? It’s a question I get asked a lot in practice, and the answer comes down to nutrient density. The further a food has to travel to get to you, the lower it’s nutrients. When you have the option, always choose local produce, and in-season produce always tastes better! Check out your local farmer’s market, or invest in a Community Shared Agriculture Box for the season. 

4. Schedule screenings and doctor’s visits. 

NOW is the perfect time to be scheduling your doctor’s visits. Your red blood cells take three months to turn over, so I always like giving my patients a three-month leeway after the holiday season before testing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This is generally a more accurate representation of the overall state of your health! 

5. Purge old makeup 

One thing that we never think to clean out is our makeup drawer. In general, if it hasn’t been touched in over 6 months, toss it. Mascara should be tossed every 3 months. You can generally get away with longer for powders, but make sure you’re cleaning your brushes on a regular basis. Baby shampoo is my go-to for cleaning brushes. 

6. Get outside 

The best thing you can do for your health is to get outside. Breathe in that clean air, and boost your cardiovascular system by getting out for a walk. Take it up a notch and go for a walk in the woods; you’ll reap the de-stressing benefits of lower blood pressure, a better immune system and better sleep. 


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