Cold and flu season is upon us once more, and we can’t talk about it enough. Why? Because preventative measures go so much further than a few extra gulps of orange juice and isolating yourself. The winter can be dreary enough, but compounded by a runny nose, fever, or debilitating cough (among other symptoms) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster that’s likely to run longer than it ought to, courtesy of the weather conditions.

Avoiding the unfortunate fate of missed work days, special events, and social gatherings doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little extra time and energy this winter, you can add some real stopping power to your immune system. You’ve actually heard it before (potentially at nauseam): get your rest, wear warm clothes, eat greens. All an attempt to avoid the bug of the day that’s circulating your school or office – but, you might be surprised to learn that those wives tales are truly effective!

  • Resting while ill is all too important, and for the most part many of us know that. If you’re ill or feeling even slightly under the weather, take a day off. That’s what they’re for, and it’s not uncommon for folks to stockpile sick days rather than putting them to use. Your body will thank you for the rest, and your colleagues will be the healthier for it.
  • Wearing warm clothes like a hat or scarf, and covering up with layers and dense materials is extremely important. Colds and flus dig their roots into the most superficial layers of our bodies, and it’s from there that they move deeper through our system and ultimately make us sick.
  • Colourful green food isn’t necessarily what one thinks about in the winter, when steaming bowls of soup or rich holiday proteins are on the docket. Nevertheless, micronutrients are more important than ever during cold and flu season, and are the ticket to fighting off infection.

The tips above aren’t news to most, but there are other ways to achieve the same results. An IV drip at Cornerstone Naturopathic will give your immune system a much-needed boost, and will enhance your ability to fend off illness in ways you’ll only truly understand once you’ve had one! These drips contain a variety of vitamins and minerals tailored to seasonal deficiencies. For example, an immune drip will boost your infection-fighting cells and re-energize your system, after weeks of battling incoming bugs.

Lastly, it’s important to manage stress. OK, so that’s easier said than done, right? Try to ramp up your reading game this winter, or head outside and indulge in some of your favourite snowy activities. Lowering your stress doesn’t have to be it’s own challenging endeavor – simply be mindful of what you enjoy, and be uncompromising in your pursuit of that time or those activities.

For more information on managing stress, insight on how you can avoid the cold or flu altogether, or to schedule an IV drip, contact us here.

Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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