Elderberry Syrup: The Perfect Sore Throat Remedy

Feb 27, 2020

Dr. Jeremy Hayman, ND

Dr. Jeremy Hayman, ND


Elderberry syrup is a safe and effective treatment for children and adults suffering from the common cold and the flu. It is taken orally as a syrup making it very easy to give to children. Research shows that people who were suffering from signs of the common cold who took elderberry syrup saw a reduction in sick time and elimination of symptoms by 4 days earlier than people who were given a placebo syrup.

Elderberry is a beautiful dark purple berry harvested from the Elder tree which is commonly found in Europe. Elderberrys have long been used medically and recently have been studied by scientists to discover how Elderberry helps to prevent and treat patients who are suffering from influenza, swine flu or the common cold.

Elderberry contains a compound called hemagglutinin protein. This protein effectively stops a virus from moving through the cell wall which means the virus is no longer able to replicate and thrive which allows the patients immune system to resolve the viral infection swiftly.

While reviewing the research for this article, three research papers were identified which all showed positive results in patients taking elderberry syrup. On average patients who were suffering with flu-like symptoms and symptoms of the common cold, who started taking elderberry syrup within the first 48 hours of onset noticed a decrease in duration of their symptoms by 4 days.
One thing to note is that once you are sick you can’t instantly stop being sick, however, you can decrease how long you will be sick for. You can purchase elderberry syrup at healthy food stores and even some grocery stores, however, making it at home is very easy and cost effective. For a great recipe and instructions on how to make elderberry syrup yourself check out this link: https://detoxinista.com/elderberry-syrup-recipe/


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