You’re the CEO; 5 Steps To Take Charge of Your Health

Apr 16, 2019

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND


We believe that you know your body better than anyone else, and that our job as part of your medical team is to help you navigate what is going on and make sense of the chaos. That’s why we know that becoming the CEO of your health is the first step in living your most optimized and healthy life. 


See, becoming the CEO of your health is about taking responsibility and awareness for every aspect of your healing journey… physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. It might seem daunting in the beginning, but it has the possibility to becoming incredibly empowering for everyone involved. 

If you’re ready to take charge of your health, these are the 5 steps our team recommends to make you a Forbes 50 CEO of your health. 


[one] Get Educated 

In all ways. Work to gain a thorough understanding of your body and the symptoms you’re experiencing. Educate yourself on those symptoms or illness using reputable sources and professionals that you trust will give you accurate information. When it comes time to have the discussion with your doctor, walk in with a list of questions so that you can participate in the conversation via a team approach; rather than having decisions made for you. 


[two] Get Organized 

Who knew those old 3-ring binders would come in hand! Get a copy of all your blood work, lab results, physician writings, personal notes, ultrasounds, MRIs and CT Scan results. If you have multiple doctors or are travelling between members of your team, having everything you need can ensure that everyone is on the same page. The critical part of this is that walking in armed with the information means that you can use the majority of your appointment time to focus on treatment options. 


[three] Change Your Language 

And remove the word “chronic” from your vocabulary. Since you’re the CEO of your own health, you need to strategize with your team… so you need to be prepared to speak knowledgeably. Chronic is a word that we don’t use here at Cornerstone, because we’re focused on your Quality of Life. We recognize that symptoms can reoccur over a healing journey, but we’re focused on that nice trend upwards. You’ve got the power to heal, and changing your verbiage mirrors your end goals of glowing, vibrant health. 


[four] Fire Your Doctors (sometimes)

You are the person in charge of your health, not your doctor. If your doctor is simply treating symptoms with medications or supplements, you can change. Search for a health professional or team that’s going to actively work with you to get to the core of your illness. At the same time, if you’re the CEO of your health than you have to advocate for yourself. Speak up. Set reminders. Call the office. But recognize that your doctors probably aren’t going to respond to your email at 1.00am… but boy do we love the updates so that the next time we meet we ge to focus on the next step… not catching up. 


[five] Honour your Body. 

Your doctor and team of medical professionals may know a lot about your illness or disease, but you’re the one living it every day. Check in with yourself and ask “how do you feel”, “is your quality of life changing, “is your functionality increasing”. Your system will tell you what’s working and what’s not. 


Now that you’ve got these 5 steps figured out, you’re on your way to becoming the CEO of your health. What else would you do? 


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