4 Simple Ways To Spread Kindness

Jun 7, 2020

Victoria Steenbeek

Victoria Steenbeek


With the current climate of the world, the most important thing we can control is how we treat others and ourselves. It is important that we as Canadians stick together and look after eachother during times of stress. Here are four simple ways to spread kindness today:

1. Check on your neighbours

Make sure to check on those that are single parents, elderly and immune-compromised during times like this. Simply reaching out and leaving a note on their door that you are here for them and able to provide them with assistance with groceries and prescriptions could eliminate their stress and worry.

2. Eat and buy local

Right now, our local restaurants and independent businesses could use your support more than ever. Some businesses have had to lay off their staff, or close their shops indefinitely. Pick one night a week to order take out from your favourite restaurant, purchase gift cards, or choose a delivery option from your favourite local shop!

3. Express gratitude

Many of our communities essential workers are working tirelessly, leaving their families everyday and risking their own health to keep us going. Remember to thank the essential workers in your life, and any person who has provided you with a smile during this time of uncertainty.

4. Listen

This is a perfect time to reconnect with an old friend, or call a loved one and check in on them. Spending time alone can be a very difficult task for some people, and by listening and hearing what they are going through could impact their mental health. Make sure you are taking the time listen and ask how someone is doing. Thank goodness for Facetime!


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