If you’re active on social media or follow trending topics, you’ve likely heard of it by now – but have you given it much of your time or consideration? We’re talking about Hygge. So much more than the Scandinavian word for simplification, Hygge captures the spirit of minimalism, coziness, and feelings of wellness and contentment, and is truly a way of life

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It’s not uncommon and it’s not changing: today, the everyman is so busy getting caught up in the daily routine of hustling that it’s never been easier to forfeit personal time and/or to let the little things pass us by. It sounds like luxurious jargon, but it’s a lifestyle trend that has seriously compromised our ability to stay healthy, mindful, and ultimately successful. Lifestyle augmentations like Hygge sound like a simple disruption to your routine, but everyone reaches a point when they realize they can’t go on without a change.

Hygge is about recapturing the valuable moments of your day to reinforce your wellbeing. Similar to meditation, the idea is that simplifying our processes and slowing our minds can help us to manage stress and remain healthy (while warding off things like the cold or flu!) And yes, slowing your mind can be a good thing. Think of it as shifting gears. You can only get so far without doing so, and speed is only part of that equation.

The keywords here are stress reduction, organization, simplification – are you sold yet? Here are our top three ways to Hygge your way through a cold and vicious Atlantic Canadian winter:

  • Stick to a neutral colour scheme when you’re decorating your home or office. Whites, grays, and light browns create a relaxing atmosphere and empower you when the name of the game is slowing things down and relaxing.
  • Create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Try decorating with throw blankets, plenty of pillows and candles, or hanging decorative lights. At the end of the day, the goal is to cut out what causes stress and embrace what relaxes and pleases you, so that you can truly unwind.
  • Have a fireplace or woodstove? Throw a few logs on the fire to get toasty and calm your nerves. Having a fire with family and friends creates a feeling of warmth and togetherness that’s sure to get a great conversation started.

Notice a trend? Your atmosphere plays a significant role in how you feel, and the spaces we can control are spaces we should control. Do what you can to make yourself at home, and you’ll find your overall disposition is that much more positive!

For more on Hygge and other ways to manage your stress, come in and let us guide you on your path to a cozier, simpler, healthier way of living. Or, contact us here to get the conversation started, today!

Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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