How To Keep A Happy Stomach This Holiday Season

Dec 20, 2020

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND


Ah, the holidays. Family time, homemade goodies and (more than usual) alcohol all tend to be part of the holiday joy. However, this rich food, lack of fiber, large portions and holiday stressors are all triggers for a rolling, churning and upset digestive tract.


So while you’re sitting down to dinner, the company party or can’t quite figure out why you haven’t had a proper bowel movement in three days, keep these important tips in mind.

[ONE] – Tame the Bloat

If you’re prone to bloating and gas, a change in holiday food is probably going to upset your natural rhythm. Keep on top of it by ensuring that you sit down to eat, and consider either bitters (a combination of herbs that are, you guessed it, bitter) or a good quality probiotic to ease those bloated fears throughout the season.

[TWO] – Keep Calm on the Holiday Front

Some people find that their digestive woes disappear on holiday. None of the cramping, bloating banished and reflux reversed leading to a happy state of affairs. If this is you, it may be that your digestive problems stem from stress. Eating breakfast on the run, fighting deadlines while trying to grab a quick lunch and reaching for a chocolate bar or that 3rd coffee can all leave your digestive system severely hampered in its attempts to function properly. If you’re not stressing over those daily occurrences, it might be worth taking action to bring down your stress levels and thus benefiting your digestion once you get back to your normal routine.

[THREE] – Beat those Tummy Bugs

Lots of people worry about picking up tummy bugs on holiday, especially if they’re going somewhere hot with unusual foods. Keep your digestive system safe by avoiding ice or eating raw, unpeeled fruit if you’re in the relevant countries. A happy, thriving population of friendly gut flora will counter a lot of potential trouble, and staying hydrated will only benefit you.

[FOUR] – Watch those Portions!

The more food you eat, the more pressure there is on your esophageal sphincter, the muscle that keeps digested food down. Too much pressure leads to food and acid backup, causing heartburn. Large portions can also slow down your digestive system, which is when stomachaches and constipation occur. The last thing you want is for your big meal to slow you down for days later. So fill your plate halfway, and then come back later for seconds.

Above all, have a safe and happy holiday season, from myself and the Cornerstone Naturopathic family to you.


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