Why Acupuncture is one of the Best Cold and Flu Remedies Around

Jan 20, 2019

Amanda Conrad

Amanda Conrad


Our immune system is one of the most important systems we have. Of course, each of our systems plays their own vital roles, but our immune system has one of the biggest jobs of all. It is our first line of defense when we are under attack. Think of your immune system as a security team – it helps keep out the unwanted invaders while keeping your organs, tissues, cells and bodily functions strong and healthy.

Acupuncture is preventative medicine, meaning we work to help prevent sickness before it starts. Colds, flu and even more severe disorders like chronic fatigue, arthritis and different kinds of cancers are caused by a compromised immune system. So what happens when it’s too late? When it comes to prevention and treatment of colds and flu, Acupuncture does both; even once the immune system is down and the symptoms have set in. By using sterile, single-use (and very tiny) needles, we essentially flip the “on” switch to your body’s self-healing function.
Acupuncture works for immunity by stimulating specific points on your body that help calm and normalize the nervous system. It signals endorphin release, regulates metabolism and can increase red, white and t-cell counts. Besides the work it does internally, we treat the external symptoms at the same time. By treating the root cause, we are bringing your body back to its natural state of homeostasis.
By default, many patients report feeling relaxed during treatment. They tend to sleep better and have improved moods, as Acupuncture also has a close relationship with the brain. 
In our world today, stress is so severe that it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to tell when our body is fatigued, overworked or already compromised. We are so used to having these symptoms that we start believing they are our new normal. We tend to forget to give our bodies the TLC it deserves. Instead, most of us neglect our diets, exercising, and are constantly exposed to harsh toxins in our environment. These all play a role in immune dysfunction, which is why prevention and treatment are imperative to achieve and maintain a healthy and pain-free life.
Acupuncturists will ask a variety of questions to ensure we have a picture of your whole health. Once we do, we will look at all factors that could be contributing to causing your symptoms. From there, we will create a maintainable and sustainable plan for you to balance your body once and for all, so you can feel like you again.


Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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