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It’s here! The Cornerstone Naturopathic Lean and Clean Health Challenge is in full swing, and there’s no better time than the present to get started on your health and fitness goals!

Leverage the beautiful weather and outdoor activities that come along with it, fresh produce available to you and your family, and this new program our naturopathic doctors have developed to improve your health and pursue a more positive body image. Ideal for the above as well as anyone who suffers from symptoms like digestive issues, low energy, poor endurance, muscle and joint pain, blood sugar levels and more, the Cornerstone Naturopathic Lean and Clean Health Challenge was truly crafted for the everyman, and we hope to see a full spectrum of people participating! Visit our dedicated page for even more details.

Week one kicks off with a shake cleanse designed to boost your metabolism and flush out any lingering inflammation. Strategically selected medical foods are chosen as ingredients, and the reality is that the first week is often the most intense. Here, most participants will notice a significant decrease in primary symptoms, water retention, and fat mass, and an increase in lean muscle. From here, emphasis shifts away from an augmented diet and into a transformed lifestyle.

Weeks two through four still see a modified nutritional plan, but with medical food amounts reduced. At this point, whole foods, regularized sleep routines and consistent exercise close the gap that week one’s now-reduced diet left in its wake. Think of it as weaning off from powerful supplemental cleanse ingredients, and maintaining their effects through optimized lifestyle changes. You will continue to experience positive changes that include decreasing symptoms, favourable body composition and improved energy levels, through exercise routines, nutritional recommendations, and occasional supplements.

Along the way you’ll be supported with resources designed to help you stay on track and achieve quantifiable goals. These support mechanisms include:

  • three visits with any one of our naturopathic doctors that include an initial assessment, a follow-up at the end of week one, and a final check-in as week four concludes
  • availability of Cornerstone staff for email and phone support, as needed
  • three body index reports throughout the program to help define and track progress

At the finish line of the four week program, a custom long-term maintenance plan is crafted for each participant, emphasizing trackable and realistic dietary and lifestyle changes. The goal is a realistic balance that acknowledges the implications of everyday life and disruptions, while maintaining the results that were achieved during the program. Any routine that can’t flex to accommodate temporary disruption of indulgence is prone to fail, so The Lean and Clean Health Challenge advocates for an 80/20 rule to bring reality back into the equation.

Participation in the Lean and Clean Health Challenge includes all appointments, body index reports, and medical foods during the duration of the program. Additional costs may apply in the case of further supplementation of any referrals, if this is necessary on an individual case-by-case basis. The one-time cost per participant is $550 plus applicable taxes.

Please note that this is a medical program designed with aggressive goals towards weight distribution or weight loss, the balancing of blood sugar, cholesterol management, improved cardiovascular profile, reduced inflammatory markers and specific personalized health objectives.

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