The Cornerstone Approach to Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Mar 5, 2020

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND

Dr. Ben Connolly, ND


Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Is Safe and Efficient


At Cornerstone Naturopathic we utilize a team approach to treat plantar fasciitis combining massage therapy with Naturopathic injection therapies. Our massage therapists treat the root cause and treat the tight muscles which are excessively pulling on the plantar fascia under the foot. Our Naturopathic Doctors then use injection therapies to decrease the inflammation under the heel of the foot and stimulate healing of the micro tears in the fascia which are causing much of the pain.

Plantar Fasciitis can be one of the most frustrating and painful conditions which can drastically decrease your quality of life on a daily basis and prevent you from living your life and doing things you enjoy. Plantar fasciitis is most commonly due to an overuse injury which can be caused by improper foot wear, chronic inflammatory conditions, significantly decreased flexibility, previous injuries or due to sports such as basketball, tennis etc.

As the muscles at the back of the lower leg become tighter and tighter, they begin to increase the tension on the Achilles heel at the back of the ankle which, with time, begins to become injured and sore. This then starts to cause pain underneath the foot, specifically in-front of the heel. The most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis is pain in the morning when first stepping out of bed and putting weight on the foot. Those first few steps to the bathroom can be extremely painful and can cause you to hobble. After moving around for a few minutes, the pain starts to decrease and you can get on with your day while putting up with a constant ache in your heel and under your foot.

Massage therapy is key to 100% recovery from plantar fasciitis in combination Naturopathic Injection Therapies. Registered massage therapists will focus their treatment to the muscles on the back of the leg which include the glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles as well as the muscles of the feet. This decreases the tension of the muscles on the achilles tendon as well as the plantar fascia allowing it to begin to heal.

Naturopathic injection therapies speed up healing time significantly by addressing active trigger points in the calf muscles as well as stimulating healing in the plantar fascia and achilles tendon.


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