3 Reasons Massage Therapy Can Help Your Swelling

Jun 21, 2020

Azelin Amirault

Azelin Amirault


Massage therapy focuses on the specific parts of the body where the swelling occurs, such as feet, ankles, legs or arms. It helps you experience a healthier lifestyle free from discomfort and pain associated with swelling.


A major benefit gained through massage is reduced swelling. Swelling can be a result of injury, trauma or surgery. Swelling is a buildup of excess fluids and metabolic wastes that surround a damaged area to prevent further damage from occurring. Swelling can also be caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system causing lymphedema. Lymphedema most commonly occurs after a surgery. Swelling can be tender to touch and often slows down healing. Our goal is to reduce swelling through massage to help improve recovery, decrease pain and increase movement.


A properly effective massage will take at least 30-60 minutes, but keep in mind, you may not see immediate results. There will be some drainage of the fluid, so the swelling will go down. However, the edema won’t disappear overnight. It will take regular sessions to completely deal with the swelling.
Massage for swelling is a good way to treat the symptoms, but the truth is that you need to deal with whatever the underlying cause is. If you’ve got heart problems, kidney disorders, liver disease, or something else, you need to take steps to get healthy. That may mean visiting your doctor and getting the right treatment for the problem.


If your edema is the result of your pregnancy, consult your doctor and see what you can do to reduce the swelling. There are many non-medical options to consider to deal with the edema. Find out the most effective methods that are safe for your pregnancy.


Remember that exercise is one of the best things you can do to deal with edema. Regular exercise increases your circulation and prevents blood and liquid from pooling in your legs. Your health conditions may prevent you from doing high intensity workouts, but even a few hours of walking per week will do wonders for the underlying health problems. You’ll find that regular exercise and massage therapy is a wonderful way to improve your cardiovascular system function, making it far less likely that you will suffer from swelling and edemas.


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