How Massage Therapy Can Reduce Your Overuse Injuries

Mar 2, 2020

Victoria Steenbeek

Victoria Steenbeek


Repetitive strain causing an overuse injury can be one of the most commonly occurring injuries. Our jobs, as well as our daily activities, can often require us to use monotonous motions (meaning the same repetative motion) resulting in tightness, fatigue, and inflammation in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As massage therapists, we identify and assess which actions are causing your discomfort, and create a treatment plan to assist in eliminating the risk of injury in your everyday life.

The first step of treating overuse injuries is to identifying what you are doing that is causing trauma to the tissue. These injuries typically result in persistent pain during activity and at rest, as well as limited range of motion. Your massage therapist can preform a series of orthopaedic assessments to narrow down which area of the body is affected, and create a treatment tailored to the result.

Some examples of repetitive strain injury include golfer/tennis elbow, shin splints, stress fractures, and tendonitis. These conditions benefit greatly from massage therapy by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and relieving muscle tension. The use of heat/ice during treatments and as home care has proven to be extremely affective when treating repetitive use injuries.

At Cornerstone Naturopathic, we believe that your work and activities should not be limiting you from doing what you love. We treat with the intention of improving your quality of movement, and your quality of life.


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