NAD IV Therapy

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When your cells can’t receive or utilize the fuel they need, you can start to feel less than optimal, in fact you might start to ask yourself “is this what getting older feels like?”. You might experience changes in your energy, your metabolism, brain fog and more. Sometimes these changes can come from stress, hormone changes, changes in eating and chronic disease, but as we age there’s a little molecule that is impacted more than anything else. And that molecule is known as NAD. 

Imaging NAD as the little engine that could. It’s your cell’s energy powerhouse molecule that is responsible for keeping a lot of these symptoms in check, and it gets harder and harder to make as we get older. Enough NAD circulating through your cells can support symptoms we generally associate with aging, support your mental and cognitive capabilities, your metabolism, your energy, and more.

How Does NAD Work?

NAD, or nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme present in all the cells of our body. A coenzyme is a non-protein compound essential for enzyme function. NAD plays a critical role in energy production inside the mitochondria of our cells. Without it, cells may be deprived of necessary energy and don’t work at the same capacity (just like humans if we don’t get enough sleep!). NAD deficiency can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction, resulting in several chronic health conditions. This coenzyme regulates redox and metabolic reactions, maintains DNA health in cells, and controls the circadian rhythm. It also enhances the protective caps on our cells called telomeres, which are vital in reducing cellular aging.

NAD is naturally present in our body, and its concentration can be regulated through lifestyle and diet. However, aging can reduce NAD production, leading to DNA degeneration and deficiency symptoms.


What Symptoms Are Associated With a Loss of NAD?

Although coenzymes are not the primary actors, they are essential catalysts for maintaining healthy body functions. Here are some common symptoms that NAD deficiency can address:

  • Brain Fog: Our brain, the most energy-demanding organ, is significantly impacted by NAD deficiency. Lack of energy supply can lead to brain fog and reduced cognitive function.
  • Fatigue: Reduced energy production results in exhaustion, fatigue, weakness, and lethargy, significantly compromising stamina and physical potential.
  • Aging: Insufficient NAD accelerates aging, making you feel and look older. NAD not only slows down aging but may also reverse it by elongating telomeres.
  • Mental Health: NAD deficiency can lead to depression, reduced cognitive abilities, distraction, and loss of focus.
  • Slow Muscle Growth: Physical activities and muscle health are affected by reduced NAD levels, impacting exercise and athletic abilities.
  • A Shorter Life: NAD deficiency accelerates aging and reduces lifespan.

If you are experiencing these symptoms due to aging or other factors, NAD IV infusion therapy could be a helpful component of a robust recovery or prevention plan.

Conditions Associated With NAD Deficiencies

NAD IV infusion offers several promising focuses and can aid in supporting various conditions:

  • Addictions: NAD infusions can support addiction rehabilitation through a variety of ways. NAD helps protect and restore neurological function, reduce drug cravings, and improve mood and cognitive capabilities.
  • Improving Metabolism: NAD infusions can support cellular metabolism, blood sugar levels, energy, and supports weight by enhancing digestion and muscle function.
  • Improving Mental Health: NAD infusions can support mental clarity, focus, and mood, specifically focused in areas of depression, cognitive decline, and neurological disorders. 
  • Pain Relief: By enhancing biogenesis and cell reproduction, increasing levels of NAD can have an impact on pain and inflammation, promoting healing and overall tissue health.
  • Energy Boosting and Fatigue Fighting: NAD infusions can help support adenosine triphosphate production, impacting energy levels and fatigue.
  • Anti-Aging: Proper levels of NAD can support protein and DNA health, as well as supporting the production of new cells, overall vitality and appearance.

What Should I Expect?

An initial intake with a Naturopathic Doctor is required before initiating any NAD therapy. It is used as a component of a strategy to support your health goals and outcomes. In that initial intake, a physical examination will be performed and diagnostic tests may be discussed to ensure your whole health and body is supported. During an infusion, the duration of administration varies based on individual health concerns. Each NAD infusion is followed by a complimentary nutrient infusion to enhance the outcomes of your NAD treatment.

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