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When your cells can’t receive or utilize the fuel that they need you start feeling… not so great. Your energy levels drop at first, then you start feeling dizzy, exhausted, sometimes even nauseated. Your metabolism will slow down, and then digestive system does the same. You start experiencing brain fog, you get cloudy and disoriented and you have a hard time focusing and completing your tasks. It’s that feeling of hangry coupled with feeling depressions, exhausted and distracted all at the same time. 

Now imagine there is such a substance that can remove all these symptoms, make you feel good, enhance your mental and cognitive capabilities, enhance your metabolism, boost up your energy levels, improve your digestion, help you fight depression, and get your life on a better track. 

Sound too good to be true? Meet your cell’s energy powerhouse molecule, NAD. 

Many health problems, experienced by a normal person are related to the above-mentioned reasons and the aging process. But what if you can stop or slow the aging process, or possibly even reverse its bit? 

How Does NAD Work? 

Scientifically, NAD stands for nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide, a coenzyme that is present in all the cells of our body. A coenzyme is typically a non-protein compound which is essential for the function of enzymes in your body. It is basically there to take care of energy production inside the mitochondria of our cells, without which the cells may be deprived off of necessary energy and eventually die. A deficiency can also lead to dysfunction of mitochondria, which could result in a number of chronic health conditions. The important function of this substance in our body is to regulate the redox and metabolic reactions. This means the turnover reactions in your mitochondria.  Secondarily, it can maintain the DNA health in the cells and control the circadian rhythm. It is also functional in reducing the causes that result in aging of cells and our body, i.e. by enhancing the protection caps on our cells called as telomeres.

NAD is naturally present in our body, and That concentration can be regulated depending on our lifestyle and the type of foods that we eat. Growing age can also result in the reduction of natural production of NAD. As a result, the DNA degeneration may occur upon the onset of deficiency symptoms.

What Symptoms Are Associated With A Loss of NAD?

Although co-enzymes are not the primary actors, they are essential catalysts for the maintenance of healthy body functions. While there may be numerous symptoms associated with NAD deficiency, here are some of the most common symptoms that it can directly address.

Brain Fog

The most important and sophisticated machinery in the universe, our brain, could be affected by a lack of the NAD co-enzyme in our body. Our brain takes up the largest portion of energy that our body derives, and a deficiency of NAD can halt this energy supply. As a result, our brain can get significantly impacted.


Reduced energy production and supply in our body will result in exhaustion, fatigue, weakness, and lethargy. It can cause a constant feeling of being tired all the time, reduce our stamina and physical potential. Energy levels are significantly compromised.


Due to the lack of nourishment, the process of aging is accelerated and can cause a feeling of being older (or even looking older) than we actually are. The protective co-enzyme does not only slow down the aging process, it may also reverse the process of aging by elongating telomeres.

Mental Health

Reduction in healthy levels of NAD co-enzyme may result in a number of mental symptoms, such as depression and stressing out too often, reduced cognitive abilities, distraction, loss of focus and clarity, and reduced neurological functions.

Slow Muscle Growth

Muscular health is also affected by the reduction of coenzyme NAD. Physical activities such as exercising and athletic abilities can be seriously reduced.

A Shorter Life

Scientifically speaking, NAD deficiency can enhance the aging process and cause a considerable reduction in the lifespan of a person.

If you are experiencing these symptoms due to growing age or any other reasons, NAD IV infusion therapy can help you a great deal in recovering from these problems. It’s also being used effectively for the treatment of post-addiction symptoms, alcohol abuse rehabilitation, and the neurological damage caused due to this. A consultation with an expert specialist before getting a treatment would be a great idea if you’re looking forward to it.

Conditions Associated With NAD Deficiencies

There are a considerable number of promising benefits that NAD IV infusion has to offer, and it can further help with the treatment of various diseases.


Drug abuse and addiction can be devastating for the body, especially for the nervous system and brain. While NAD IV infusions could be targeted at addition rehabilitation, it mainly focuses on alleviating the harmful symptoms that it causes to the body system. It’s a more natural way to achieve the results compared to other medication which can have harmful side effects on the nervous system. It can protect the neurological system and restore it to the original condition by enhancing cellular biogenesis. In this way, it can reduce the symptoms and improve the mood by reducing the drug cravings. As a result, brain activity and cognitive capabilities of the patient are improved. As far as alcohol abuse is concerned, it can recover and repair the damage caused to the brain and body due to alcoholism and it’s effectively used as an alcohol rehabilitation therapy. As well, long term alcohol intake reduces the activity of NAD direct on the liver, and NAD Infusions help to repair this. 

Improving Metabolism

Due to its contribution towards cellular metabolism, NAD can enhance the important oxidation-reduction reactions taking place within the cells. As a result, the sugar levels in blood and the energy levels are improved significantly. As a coenzyme, it enhances the action of sirtuin enzymes which decreases the chances of liver-related disease and harmful fat deposits. Due to increased energy levels, the body is expected to get rid of fatigue, lethargy, and weakness. The digestive and muscular functions are also improved which encourages weight loss.

Improving Mental Health

Mental and cognitive capabilities of many people can be compromised for various reasons, such as increased toxicity, degeneration of neurons and nerve cells, reduced biogenesis and metabolic activities, abnormal functioning of neurons and cellular damage of brain cells. This may cause unexplainable depression, dizziness, confusion, distraction and reduced brain power. Today’s world makes it essential for a person to have a sharp and active brain, and this could be an answer to all such problems. It’s proven to be an effective treatment for such conditions, and practices have shown that it significantly improves the focus and clarity, mood, mental peace and concentration among the administered candidates. Peripheral and central neurological functions are also effectively enhanced due to improved brain health and activity. Thanks to the regenerative action of NAD IV, it can also help with improving the condition of certain neurological disorders and dangerous brain-related diseases, such as nerve damage due to multiple sclerosis, neuropathic conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, failure of mitochondrial function, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s disease.

Pain Relief

Pain can be a result of cell degeneration and neuropathic conditions emerging from it. Due to enhanced biogenesis, metabolism and cell reproduction, the body becomes more capable of healing the damage, faster and revitalizes the weaker cells. It can physically improve the health of tissues and blood vessels, ultimately promoting healing and pain reduction. Apart from this, it can also reduce the inflammatory conditions in the body caused by infections, pollutants, injury, toxicity, diseases, and damage. Inflammation can cause our body to focus on healing that condition due to which other functions can be compromised. By reducing inflammation, NAD can improve several other body functions that are otherwise impacted.

Energy Boosting and Fatigue Fighting

Do you feel tired even after waking up from a long and undisturbed sleep? Being exhausted all the time could mean that the cells of your body are as exhausted as you are. They are not able to harvest the energy from the nutrients effectively and their growth and development are compromised. NAD IV infusion therapy can increase the production of adenosine triphosphate, a chemical that is responsible for deriving energy in our body from the food that we eat. This will ultimately result in increased energy levels and help you get rid of exhaustion, weakness and excessive fatigue. As a result, the mental and physical productivity of the body is considerably improved.


Who would have thought that there could be such a substance which can slow down or even reverse the aging process? NAD IV does not only alleviate the age-related conditions but also boosts the production of protein, DNA health and protection, recovery from inflammation and production of fresh new cells in the body. It can significantly reduce the risk of age-related disease and illnesses, and even correct previous damage caused to the DNA. Overall, it can enhance your vigor, improve your appearance, improve your muscle function, boost your metabolism, reverse the aging process and make you feel younger.

What Should I Expect?

Individual case study needs to be done for each patient where the specialist will carefully conduct a physical examination along with some optional medical diagnostic tests. In the case of addiction treatment, NAD is typically administered over a course of ten days with one infusion each day. In case of addiction treatment, the patients experience a rapid reduction of withdrawal symptoms which helps them to calm down and rest during the infusion period.

Majority of the patients report a significant improvement and change within the first few days after their first infusion. The direct impact of infusions on the mental and cognitive abilities is noticeable with immediate effect. Addiction-related cases may require supplementary treatment, such as psychological therapies for more effective results. The administration time varies based on the person, and the uniqueness of your health concerns. We follow every NAD infusion with our complimentary nutrient infusion to ensure that you get all the beneficial co-factors to improve the outcomes of your NAD treatment. 


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