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With Canada Day less than 1 month away BBQ season is right around the corner! And let’s be honest, we could use a little but of sunny warm weather around here! But those big spreads of food can cause stress and anxiety if you’ve recently changed your diet or are trying to lose weight. Fortunately, we’ve got our top tips ready to help you survive (and enjoy) all that the East Coast summer has to offer!

Fill Your Plate With Veggies first!

Those burgers and ribs look fantastic on the BBQ, but get your plate filled with vegetables before making your way over to the grilling station. This way you’ll get a good amount of vegetables in and you can enjoy your meat as well! To take is up a notch nix your carbohydrate loaded bun and use lettuce or grilled sweet potatoe slices instead!

Bring a Healthy Appetizer

Bringing something along? Choose an appetizer that is veggie based and easy for people to grab as they pass by. Those chips and dips are definitely yummy but it can be hard to stop eating them once you start! Tomatoes and feta, Greek salads, veggies and hummus are all easy and yummy additions to your appetizer arsenal.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Summer is the time for celebrations, but that warm weather also makes us dehydrated quickly. Set yourself up for success by choosing water as often as you can! Finished a beer or a glass of wine? Drink a glass of water on your next run to the kitchen. If you’re hosting, a big jug of water flavoured with cucumber, raspberries, lemons or any other fruit/vegetable on your counter is a must have to keep you and your guests well hydrated and, hopefully, hangover free!

Sit Down to Eat

It’s super easy to get caught up in the excitement and energy of the day when you’re at a BBQ, but remember you should sit down to eat your food. Grab one of the lawn chairs, find a free step or snag one of the table top chairs early to make sure you get your body ready to digest the food. Remember, you’re there to enjoy it!

Don’t Deny Yourself

If you’re dying for a hamburger or a piece of ribs don’t deny yourself! Follow the tips above and keep your portions smaller (remember you can always go back for a second helping if you’re still hungry) to enjoy the food. At the same time, remember that there will probably be another BBQ coming down the drainpipe – so you’re not missing out by passing on something this time around.

Happy BBQ Season Folks!

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