How IV Therapy Can Help After a Crohn’s Flareup

May 28, 2020

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND


Crohn’s and Colitis are some of the toughest digestive system diagnoses out there. One of the reasons for this is that during or after a flare, the body’s ability to absorb critical nutrients is decreased. This is generally caused by the inflammatory response that the body creates to try and calm down the flare. In the digestive system, this is seen as mucus. 

At Cornerstone Naturopathic, we focus on your quality of life. This means that we focus on getting you rebuilt and stable after a flare (and preventing further flares from happening). One of the tools that we use to do this are Nutrient IVs. 

Using the latest in research, we combine amino acids (your cells building blocks), vitamins and minerals that are sent into your body by way of intravenous access. This ensures that you are able to absorb all of the required nutrients, not just part them. 

See, when our bodies are at an increased need for repair, we need to give them more building blocks. This requires our bodies to be able to absorb what we, usually always, eat. But, when we have a flare up with our digestive tract, we can’t complete that task. So, we use IV nutrition to, quote on quote, override that system so that you can repair faster. This then enables you to be able to get your energy back, to exercise, to create and release enough enzymes and stomach acid to absorb your food. To, get back to what you need. 

This faster ability to get back to ground zero, in a way, allows us to recover faster when we have another flare. AND, those flares, tend to be of a lesser intensity and duration when they happen because you are in a better spot going into it. 

Why? Because our goal is for you to have a high quality of life. To… thrive, not just survive.


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