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Outside of the scope of how its consumed, Vitamin C is among the most formidable nutrients. Not only is it responsible for generating collagen (a protein found in your cartilage and tissue), as an antioxidant it also protects the body from oxidation side effects that occur during metabolism – side effects that can contribute to heart disease and cancer. Other benefits include metabolizing metals and neurotransmission (keeping your neurones in communication with one another.)

Vitamin C’s critical role in maintaining a healthy body, and the negative effect of deficiencies, has been known to medical practitioners for over a century. Without sufficient amounts of Vitamin C in the body, scurvy, a disease that brings with it symptoms of significant fatigue, irregular bruising, and even bleeding can form. Symptoms typically stemming from thinned collagen, concentrated intravenous Vitamin C can stimulate the protein’s regeneration and remedy the above symptoms.

Administering Vitamin C into the system intravenously through a vein allows us to achieve a higher concentration of nutrient dispersion in the blood, unobtainable when ingested by mouth. In addition to being extremely safe, IV Vitamin C is frequently relied on as an answer to varying infections, fatigue, and allergy suppression, as well as quality of life improvements for cancer patients.

Because IV Vitamin C is a reparative solution to weakened connective tissue, it may also inherently slow the growth and spread of relevant cancer cells, in addition to enhancing resistance to infections. Because the nutrient is dynamic and multifaceted in nature, its aforementioned effects on lethargy, neurotransmission, and general wellness have proven to be an asset to patients.

As you’ll find on our IV Vitamin C info page, patients diagnosed with breast cancer, and undergoing chemo radiation, saw few side effects and experienced an increased quality of life with IV Vitamin C infusions. Intravenous administration of Vitamin C to patients with an incurable cancer is found to have a positive impact in quality of life both physically, and mentally.

A simple and effective treatment for a wide array of relevant ailments, Vitamin C is rich in so many beneficial contributing factors that it’s suitable for reducing allergy symptoms due to effects on histamine, high blood pressure (thanks to antioxidants), and even arthritis prevention, as collagen is a key component in cartilage.

Typically, based on the severity of the symptoms, patients may receive infusions weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. In our experience, many patients find that they enjoy an extended tenure of comfort and improved quality of life before symptoms re-emerge. For a consultation on whether IV Vitamin C is a suitable solution for you, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic. We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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