Have your cake and eat it too. Or, with New Year’s Eve celebrations right around the corner, have your wine and drink it too! We’ve talked about the benefits of IVs before, and anyone who has ever had one knows just how great they are. But, we thought we’d share what we think are the top 5 best things about them:

  • Among the top benefits of taking an IV, full of minerals and vitamins, is the fact that 90% of these nutrients are absorbed into your blood stream, when compared to taking them orally.
  • Hydration! Not to be overlooked, hydration is a key component of the right IV, especially during a time of year when holiday parties and celebrations are plentiful. When the holidays are over, a rehydration IV will counter the effects of dry offices too.
  • Believe it or not, the nutrients we used to so easily find conventionally are disappearing from our soils due to augmented and unfortunate farming methods, compounded by that ever-present factor: time. Foods that used to be nutrient-dense aren’t supplying our bodieswith the same goodness they once did, which makes nutrient-rich IVs even more important, and explains their steadily rising popularity.
  • 94% of Canadians are deficient in magnesium. Take that in for a moment, and it becomes clear why options like IVs are a winner among those who simply can’t tweak their diet radically enough to accommodate. Adding a touch of zinc to our systems this time of year for cold and flu prevention is important too. Just a couple of vitamins and minerals our bodies crave this time of year – ask us for a full list.
  • Finally, fats! Most people don’t have enough fats in their diet, and many of us wrongfully hear the word and associate it negatively. Having Carnitine added to an IV is a direct source of energy for the brain and is essential to its proper function (everyone’s brain can use a little help during this frantic time of year.) Add a little ATP for immediate energy, and you can skip that second afternoon coffee!

These items are simply the tip of the winter iceberg when it comes to the importance of absorbing the nutrients our bodies need. With so much going on this time of year, every one of us is familiar with how difficult it can be to get there – even the most ironclad routine is susceptible to holiday disruptions.

If you’d like to get the conversation on a holiday IV before your celebrations started, or want to explore how you can take control of your health in 2018, contact us here. We’re open between Christmas and New Years!

Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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