St. Margaret’s Bay is an absolutely wonderful place to live, work and play. The area has so much to offer, and there are many great places to live stretching from Peggy’s Cove to Hammonds Plains and from Upper Tantallon to Hubbards.  Another great feature of living in the St. Margaret’s Bay area is access to so many services, food and shops. You can find just about anything you might need between Upper Tantallon, Hammonds Plains and Hubbards, and what you can’t find you can get just a short drive away into Halifax. What I really enjoy about this area is that it blends the friendliness of a small town with the convenience and services offered in a larger city only without the traffic jams, the rush hour and sirens.  Here a person can breathe easy, take their time to enjoy a wonderful cup of local coffee and watch their children playing outside without worry.  I am proud to call this area home and also very proud to be the very first Naturopathic doctor to provide this service to the communities we call home.

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