Skin. The largest organ in and on your body, among the most important, and often the least appreciated! Not only does your skin act as guardian to your muscles and bones, it also regulates body temperature, generates vitamins, and houses nerve endings. It may suffer bumps, bruises, and damage along the way, but it’s designed for so much more than wear and tear, and is worth caring for in full.

So what does ‘caring for your skin’ mean? Naturally, you’ll want to pursue the best medicine has to offer if your skin is ever damaged or healing, but for routine care there are a number of options available and considerations to make. At the entry point are products enhanced with chemicals, carcinogens, and less-than-savoury ingredients often disguised as ‘green’.

For something truly beneficial to your skin, look for the names who are backed by genuine research and a positive response from the health community. Cornerstone’s go-to is Fitglow Beauty, who prioritize cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan ingredients as they strive to craft a best-in-class organic product. That the company is Canadian is all the better!

As much about the little things as it is about the ingredients, the Fitglow product doesn’t cut any corners. Self-contained pump dispensers eliminate the possibility of introducing bacteria, and the big picture is a skin care alternative absent the risk of developmental or reproductive toxicity, hormone disruptions, and allergen or immune system deficiencies. At the end of the day, it’s important to scrutinize the products you’re using regularly.


Cornerstone’s perspective

Fitglow as an organization is doing a lot of things that resonate with us at Cornerstone. Evidence-driven methods fueled by organic ingredients with a minimal impact on the environment. Ultimately these products sidestep the issues associated with their competitors, and leverage positive components to improve a user’s quality of life. That’s a concept we’re always excited to get behind.

Naturally, Fitglow is available at Cornerstone that we might equip our patients and empower a Canadian brand that we support. To schedule a consultation or a skin health assessment, contact us!

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