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Looking for ways to have healthy, younger-looking skin? A salt scrub is just what the doctor ordered!

What is a salt scrub?

A salt scrub is a combination of salts, oils, and essential oils that, when properly massaged into the body, can exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is the removal of the outer layer of dead skin cells, and helps to improve circulation, collagen production, clear away harmful bacteria, and much more!


Read on for all the ways a salt scrub can help your skin!

1. Bacteria removal

Bacteria gets caught in dead skin and causes excessive oiliness, which can lead to pimples and blackheads. Salt has antiseptic qualities and is fantastic at removing the bacteria, along with the dead skin.

As an added bonus, after your skin is exfoliated it’s also much more receptive to topical treatment such as an acne cleanser or moisturizer!

(One thing to note is that if you have severe or inflammatory acne such as a cyst, a salt scrub may aggravate your skin. If you have any such conditions with your skin, be sure to check with a certified dermatologist before getting a salt scrub!)

2. Healthy skin

One of the most noticeable benefits of a salt scrub is healthy, younger-looking skin.

When dead skin is removed, a lot gets removed with it. Bacteria, pollution, and UV rays from the sun damage the dead skin cells which can create oiliness, aging lines, and cracked skin. Once the dead skin is removed, new, healthier skin cells take their place.

There are also longterm benefits to salt scrubs as well – according to research by dermatologist Mary P. Lupo ‘Long-term benefits of exfoliation can include increased collagen production, resulting in younger-looking skin.’

Overall, your body’s largest organ will feel rejuvenated and be absolutely glowing after the scrub!

3. Circulation

A salt scrub increases blood circulation by stimulating blood flow in the massaged areas. Good circulation is vital for the human body to work properly. Without it, you may experience fatigue, shortness of breath, and tingling in certain extremities. You’re also more at risk for serious health disorders such as high blood pressure.

If you have any particular areas that need more circulation, such as hands or feet, our massage therapists are more than happy to accommodate accordingly!

Salt scrubs are a great way to get your skin looking the way it should, and keep it free from bacteria and other toxins. Our recommendation for frequency would be every 4-6 weeks, and at least once during a seasonal change. If you haven’t had a salt scrub before, come in and visit our clinic!

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