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Cannabis & Chronic Pain

This week on Cornerstone's blog, we chat with Theresa about the therapeutic uses for cannabis, with applications for chronic pain:

Wound Healing & Chronic Pain

Dr Ben chats with us about the issues of wound healing and chronic pain! See this weeks blog for more informatoin:

Thanksgiving and Indigestion

We all do it. We go into the Thanksgiving weekend convinced that we can control our intake and still bask in the delicious entrees complimented by portioning and restraint. This is, of course, often not the case. Socialization and delicious turkey aren’t...

Ins and outs of Ketogenic Diet

Here’s the reality: diet trends are both plentiful and fleeting – there are plenty of people and organizations who want to tell you what you can and can’t eat, and the sheer magnitude of them can be overwhelming, discouraging, and provoke skepticism....

Surviving Cancer 101

The battle against cancer is all-encompassing for patients and family. Cornerstone is working hard to shed light on how to emerge stronger, once the battle has been won. Our Cancer Survivorship 101 course is geared towards fully educating yourself on what...

The Process of PRP

Dr. Ashley and Dr. Ben walk you through the process of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) on a patient with tennis elbow.

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