You’ve potentially heard it before, but it’s an idea we subscribe to without fail: Cornerstone Naturopathic is more than a clinic with doctors within. It’s more than a landing point for patients to seek medical advice or treatment. Cornerstone, it’s staff, patients, local community and generous partners are a family of likeminded individuals with a shared vision of what’s to come for medicine.

In keeping with that, our objective is to do so much more than treat our patients and send them on their way. Instead, teaching is as important to us as treatment, as we empower those who share in our space to enhance their overall health and wellbeing, ultimately improving their quality of life. It’s that simple; it’s that nuanced.

Our focus on naturopathic medicine extends further than how we approach a patient’s immediate needs – instead, we’re focused on the source of a condition, how we can remedy it effectively, and how to mitigate future implications. Taking a deeper look; proposing effective treatments; sharing insight; all of it comes back to evidence-based naturopathic advancements, and casting aside anything less. We’re redefining the industry, and we’re bringing the next wave of like-minded Naturopathic Doctors with us, that they might continue in our work.

This past fall we were more than pleased to begin that educational journey in earnest with two new resident medical students, Dr. Nikole MacLellan and Dr. Megan Bernard, as the inaugural class of our new residency program at Cornerstone. As they carve out a wonderful career for themselves, they’re also paving the way for future residents who believe in what Naturopathic Medicine is becoming.

There’s a lot to capture here, and our team is as specialized as our vision. To communicate that, we’ve revised our background on the Cornerstone About Us page, and updated our team’s bios in a way that highlights their strengths and promotes consistency across these qualifications. There’s truly a wall of wonderful stories there, and we encourage you to read them all!

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with our team online, you really should visit the clinic. It’s a modern space that promotes rejuvenation and green architecture, and the people within would be happy to share in their expertise. If an in-person visit isn’t in the books, feel free to contact us online, here, instead. Talk soon!

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