Balance. It’s a prize that so many of us pursue, and we all have our own ways of getting there. Prioritization, meditation, health, preference – so much of what  keeps things aligned for us comes back to lifestyle choices and our ability to face each decision with clarity. First we make clear the implications of a thing, and then we decide, based on our needs and lifestyle.

The formula is solid; unveiling implications and recognizing our needs are the factors that occupy our thoughts. And so my thoughts have been occupied.

As our family continues to expand, and Cornerstone finds new and wonderful ways to act as the crossroads between health and lifestyle, I find myself tasked with once again seeking balance in my own life.

With that said, I’d like to announce some upcoming changes at Cornerstone: effective December 1st 2016, I will be retiring from my massage therapy practice in full, so that I can commit myself fully to the exciting stage of growth both our family and our business are in right now!

To those massage therapy patients who have helped to make Cornerstone what it is today, you have my profound thanks. I’ve begun the process of reaching out to each of you individually should you have any questions, so check your inbox! With Beth Fequet at the helm, I’m confident that the practice will continue thrive.

I’ve long advocated for one’s ability to directly influence their wellbeing with the power to decide. To affect what can be controlled and be a catalyst for change in one’s own life. This decision was a difficult one to come to, but I’m confident it’s the right one, and see great things ahead.

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