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Everyone feels anxious sometimes. Not enough sleep, too much stress or caffeine can set your mood on edge. Finding natural ways to beat anxiety can help to keep it from becoming a chronic problem. Anxiety usually comes from worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Anything that brings us back into the present moment can help to sooth anxiety. Why not try some of these natural methods to break the anxiety cycle?

1. Grounding. Go outside and put your bare feet on the earth.  Feel the sun on your face. Listen to the sounds of birds. 


2. Touch the dirt. Go to the beach or a playground. Fill a bucket with sand. Make sandcastles. Get in the garden, dig a hole. Plant something, even if it is just stones.

3. Cook something. Don’t worry about the end outcome. Get a recipe and follow it. Blend ingredients. Smell them. Touch them. Let your senses fall into the act of making.

4. Colour.  Get a colouring book or print pages.  Concentrate on colouring in spaces.  Let your mind wander while you enjoy the simple task of filling in spaces with colour. Websites offer printable pages, or even the opportunity to colour on your device.

5. Doodle. The act of putting pen to paper with no set plan has been a classic meditative pursuit.  Zentangle is a system of doodling that sets a few guidelines to let you have the greatest benefit from your doodle time.

6. Go near moving water. The motion of water generates negative ionswhich increase our sense of wellbeing.  Waterfalls, the ocean, even taking a shower or watching a fountain can decrease anxiety and improve the sense of calm.

7. Exercise. Getting out for a run, a swim, or a hike can help burn off excess adrenaline that helps to keep you anxious. Endorphins are released that leave you feeling a sense of well-being. Also, by concentrating on just this one stride, stroke or the next foot placement can be a kind of moving meditation. Take time every day to exercise.

8. Aromatherapy. It isn’t just New Age hocus, smelling things trigger emotion and memory.  The scent of bacon can bring you back to camping as a kid or the smell of tangerines can make you feel like its Christmas.  Lavender is calming and can help sleep.  Lemon smells clean and can calm anger.  Rosemary is stimulating and promotes mental relaxation.  Cinnamon is mildly stimulating and promotes concentration.  Peppermint is calming and provides an energy boost.  Experiment with natural scents to see how it makes you feel.

9. Play. If you can find an animal or small child to play with they can be your guide to living in the moment and enjoying the simple things. Blowing bubbles, chasing a ball or rolling in the grass can all bring you back into the moment at hand and let you release your anxiety.

10. Connect with someone. Call a friend. Vent your frustrations and listen to what they have to say. And let your friend know what you need from them in this anxious moment. Breathe. Let go of the anxiety and chat about the mundane. Get together, have coffee or go to a class. Feeling anxious while alone lets you spin around in your own mind.

Preventing anxiety episodes by eating well, avoiding caffeine and getting enough sleep can keep you feeling calm cool and collected.  Massage therapy, reflexology and reiki can promote deep relaxation that ultimately will leave you feeling resilient and immune to those anxious moments.  Why not book an appointment at Cornerstone Naturopathic for a massage today?  Or if you feel that the anxiety is taking over your life, our Naturopathic Doctors can help you take a closer look at what is at the root of your unease. Book with us today!

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