Tina Wagner
Pilates Instructor, Stott Method

Welcome to Upper Tantallon’s Pilates classes, where you’ll embark on a journey to rejuvenate your body and embrace holistic wellness. Meet Tina, our dedicated instructor, and experience the transformative power of movement.

Tina’s passion for Pilates stems from her early years as a dance enthusiast, evolving into over two decades of dance and fitness experience. Born and raised on the East Coast, she carries the values of groundedness and connection instilled in her by her South Shore Nova Scotia upbringing into her teaching approach.

Tina’s journey led her to Pilates during a dance scholarship program, where she fell in love with its principles. She holds a Stott Pilates certificate and is currently pursuing her passion for healing as a massage therapy student at The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.

More than just an instructor, Tina is your partner on your wellness journey. Her deep intuitive grasp of body mechanics, combined with her caring nature, ensures she meets you where you are, no matter your age or current fitness level. Both instructors and participants praise her patient and gentle guidance.

Tina believes that movement is a cornerstone of a fulfilling life, and her mission is to help you unlock your body’s potential. Her holistic approach promotes longevity, allowing you to fully engage with your surroundings and savour moments with loved ones.

In Tina’s classes, you’ll discover the power of tailored movements to revitalize your body and spirit. Join us for an invigorating Pilates experience led by Tina, where you’ll strengthen, support, and uplift your body to live well and longer. Embrace the beauty of movement as Tina guides you toward a healthier, more vibrant life. We can’t wait to welcome you on the mat at The Studio.

Specialized Focus Includes:
Exercise over 50
Return to Movement
Aging With Strength & Agility

Known For:
Great Playlists
Infusing Anatomy Knowledge with Pilates Classes


  • RMT as Labour Support Provider (Doula)
    Toronto, Ontario – 2009

  • Soft Tissue Release
    Toronto, Ontario – 2010

  • Low Intensity Laser Therapy
    Toronto, Ontario – 2011

  • Executive and Professional Development, Saint Mary’s University
    Halifax, Nova Scotia – 2013 / 2014

  • Thai / Indian Head Massage
    Halifax, Nova Scotia – 2015

  • Cervical Spine and Upper Limb Integration
    Halifax, Nova Scotia – 2015

  • Emergency First Aid CPR C (AED), Canadian Red Cross
    Halifax, Nova Scotia – 2015


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