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4 Reasons Massage Therapy Can Help Your Low Back Pain

Feb 6, 2020

Victoria Steenbeek

Victoria Steenbeek


Let’s face it – We have all experienced lower back pain. Whether you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, or you live in Nova Scotia and have to shovel every other week, we’ve all been there. From decreasing tension, to increasing circulation, to increasing your range of motion and flexibility to creating a self-care plan that is truly tailored to you… our massage therapists truly understand exactly how to treat and prevent lower back pain from limiting you in your day to day life.

Decrease Tension

Whether you prefer a soothing, calming massage or a deeper tissue treatment, massage therapy will benefit the tension built up in your lower back. Following your intake, your Massage Therapist will determine what areas of the body are contributing to pain in your lower back. Massage therapy increases circulation and blood flow which aids in the recovery of your sore muscles.

The Use of Hydrotherapy

Many Massage Therapists are trained in the use of heat, cold, and contrast modalities. Your RMT will carefully select which form of hydrotherapy is indicated based on your intake prior to treatment. The use of heat will aid in treating a chronic injury by increasing blood flow to the area, and decreasing tension. The use of cold will aid in treating an acute injury by decreasing inflammation. Finally, the use of contrast will aid in treating a subacute-chronic injury by decreasing pain, and flushing the body’s lymphatic system.

Creating a Selfcare Plan Tailored to YOU

Often times, our low back pain is caused by the activities of our daily life. Massage Therapists are fantastic at identifying the root cause of your pain by assessing your posture, learning about your lifestyle, and giving you the best options moving forward to alleviate your pain. Whether you need to correct your form at the gym, or add an Epsom salt bath into your night time routine, we’ve got you covered.

Improve Range of Motion

Massage Therapists have a great understanding of the actions and the attachments of the muscles in the body. Restrictions in mobility can be released and improved through your treatment and homecare given by your RMT. It is important that you work together to assess your movement and  your limitations to create a progressive treatment plan to get you moving your best!


Of course, we don’t just use one therapy, we use multiple therapies to ensure that you are quickly getting the results you’re after. Ask our team how we can help using our complimentary 15 minute consultations. 


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