Listed on our website as a condition that Naturopathic Doctors commonly treat are chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Though research may tell you that the two conditions could in fact be the same, it’s important to differentiate the two if only to isolate the predominantly problematic symptoms you’re encountering. Remember that identifying the most effective way to catalogue and communicate your pain points is entirely more useful than finding a catch-all designation for whatever your condition may be when you visit a specialist.On that note, let’s break down some of the symptoms common to both condition, and then isolate what’s unique to each.



  • fatigue: an extensive exhaustion that endures through sleep and rest, and is often out of line with energy expenditure.
  • fogginess: cognitive difficulties taking the form of concentration loss, brief lapses in recollection, loss for words, and confusion.
  • sleep loss: disruptions in one’s ability to fall or stay asleep that limit deep sleep cycles and restoration.
  • pain: common to both chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are aches and pain, typically felt across the whole body but in some cases isolated.

Chronic fatigue

The four core symptoms above blend to create conditions that are very similar. In many cases, focusing on which of these is the most severe will assist in identifying the true nature of your discomfort. In the case of chronic fatigue, exhaustion ends up taking centre stage as the predominant symptom that patients will identify. This fatigue is severe, and can endure over significant periods of time (months!)


Alternatively, fibromyalgia’s predominant symptom is systematic, widespread pain. This discomfort, which may manifest as stiffness, will be amplified on specific parts of the body are both highly sensitive. Identifying these particularly agitated areas is a critical first step in diagnosing fibromyalgia against other similar conditions, like chronic fatigue.


If the above is indicative of anything, it’s that being mindful of your body and the symptoms working against it is a great deal more important than striving to land on a self-imposed diagnosis. Keep track of the problems you’re facing as well as their comparative severity, because many conditions leave similar breadcrumbs despite being very different in nature.

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