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The Cornerstone Naturopathic team is home to a roster of ND, RMTs, trainers, and consultants (and Loki, who’s eagerly awaiting your next visit) as formidable individually as they are when rallied under the Cornerstone banner. For this reason, we like to showcase individual publications, achievements, and additions to the team.

This week we’re highlighting an addition to the Dr. Cole’s Notes series, and are pleased to welcome Beth Fequet, RMT, CAHP to the Cornerstone Naturopathic Clinic.


An excellent and informative resource housed in The Halifax Citizen’s Health & Wellness category of publications, Dr. Cole’s Notes is the coming-to-fruition of Dr. Jillian Cole’s (ND) passion for helping others to optimize their health and live fully-charged lives. You can visit her website, here. With entires ranging from Mindfulness and eating disorders to Dealing with acne naturally and Four reasons to keep coffee in your life, Dr. Cole’s Notes keep a tempo of self improvement and quality of life changes enhanced by the experience and insight of a Naturopathic Doctor.

Her most recent publication in the series, Dealing with depression, went live on March 28th 2016. It touches on the impact of mental illnesses and addiction problems, common recognizable signs, and naturopathic treatment perspectives. Below is an excerpt, and be sure to visit the Halifax Citizen’s website for the full article:


From a naturopathic perspective, treatment of depression is multifactorial and is usually approached from a complimentary aspect. Naturopathic support will depend on what treatments have already been implemented and/or what other comorbid diagnoses are present. From nutrient therapies to botanical therapies to acupuncture and infusion therapies, treatment plans are highly individualized and take into account any current treatments that the patient may be doing so as to compliment them as best as possible.


On the note of inspirational NDs and RMTs who call Cornerstone home, we’re excited to welcome Beth Fequet, RMT, CAHP starting the week of April 18th! Beth will be joining the health care team at our clinic, and is a graduate of the Kine Concept Ontario massage therapy program. Providing a professional and gentle healing touch that’s tailored to your needs, Beth believes massage therapy is a key component in the body’s natural healing process. You can view her full bio, here.

As she postures to set up shop at the Cornerstone Naturopathic Clinic, we’re happy to share her introductory letter below. Drop in to say hello in person, starting the 18th.


I am delighted to be joining the health care team at Cornerstone Naturopathic Clinic.
I look forward to working in a holistic interactive environment…one that appreciates the many benefits that massage has to offer people of all ages. Your referrals will be most appreciated!
Over the past twelve years I have had the opportunity to work with children as young as two and some amazing 92 year olds and lots of people in between! I have always worked in my home clinic in the beautiful Lanark Highlands as well as a physio clinic, a wellness centre, a chiro clinic, several long term care facilities and most recently three seasons at a seaside spa. I have also worked with many geriatric, palliative and special needs children and adults.
In addition to my basic massage training I have received training in advanced techniques for NMT, MFR, Positional Release, Joint Mobilization, Acupressure and Integrated Lymph Drainage. I also offer aromatherapy, reflexology, Thermal Palms and the amazing Hydrotherm Solution Therapy. These techniques can easily be incorporated into a massage treatment, as is appropriate, to treat a wide range of conditions and dysfunctions. All treatments and techniques can be modified so that most everyone can benefit from massage.
I look forward to providing the clients of this clinic with specialized techniques to assist them in understanding, developing, restoring and maintaining their health and wellbeing. I offer professional, confidential and compassionate care in a safe and serene atmosphere.
If you have any questions or comments regarding massage, whether it be for yourself, a friend or family member please don’t hesitate to contact me at beth@fequet.ca


That’s it for our update! For regular Cornerstone updates head over to our social media channels, and keep an eye on our blog for news, insights, and the occasional sneak peak at what’s to come – we’re always in a sharing mood.

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