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On Wednesday April 20th 2016, the Cornerstone Naturopathic Multipurpose Room will be at the centre of answering a very interesting question: What do kale, kombucha, cashews and colonics all have in common?

Holly and Theresa will be spearheading our informative session and hands-on workshop, as we explore the various ways you can contribute to keeping your gut moving freely.

As a tag team duo, Holly will explain the ins and outs of colon hydrotherapy, and is available to answer any of your questions. Holly will also show you how to create healthy kale salad, cashew dressing and kale chips. Theresa will be showing participants how to make a delicious, probiotic-rich kombucha. As the warm summer days inch ever closer, it is perfect as a festive and refreshing beverage.

There will be great taste-testing opportunities that include our kombucha sangria, kale salad with non-dairy cashew cheese sauce, and – a crowd favourite – kale chips.  You will take leave with a bottle of kombucha you flavour yourself, a SCOBY with liquid so you can make your own kombucha at home, and a take-away helping of kale salad and dehydrated kale chips.

Why did we choose these three foods?


Kale hails from the Brassica family of vegetables alongside the likes of broccoli and cabbage. More than just trending veg, kale is home to a potent supply of vitamins and an array of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. Like most greens they contain prebiotic fibre which supports the growth of healthy bacteria.


As good for your heart as they are loaded with minerals (think magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron) ). Cashews are also lower in fat than most other nuts and an excellent source of fibre, which can help to regularize bowel movements.  Dairy products can bind up the bowels, using blenderized soaked cashews to replace cheese and cream supports healthy elimination.


Kombucha is a fermented drink that’s rich in amino acids and probiotic bacteria necessary for proper digestion. It can contribute to detoxifying your liver, reducing blood pressure, and relieving constipation.


Email Theresa (theresa.at.cornerstone@gmail.com) to register, and act quickly – we have seating for six to eight participants, and we’d love to see you in attendance! We do ask that you bring your own take-home containers, for the salad and kale chips (bottles for the kombucha and SCOBY will be provided).   We’ll send you off with recipes and email support to help you to succeed at home.

For the full suite of information on this Cornerstone Naturopathic event, check out the pamphlet below. See you soon!

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