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** The Healthy Beginnings Playgroup is currently not active **


Cornerstone is fundamentally more than a clinic for treatment. Our programs and events are designed to transform our location into a hub for communicating and educating about a natural, healthier lifestyle. Naturopathic medicine is a significant component of that vision, but not the entirety of it.

That’s why our roster of NDs, RMTs, personal trainers, nutritionists, and childcare providersboast such a diverse catalogue of specializations. Our goal is as much to heal as it is to educate, and if our ever-updating blog isn’t a testament to that, our seminars, events, and attendance at local conventions sure is!

For this reason, August is an exciting month for us. Kicking off this month, Cornerstone Naturopathic is introducing the Healthy Beginnings Playgroup, housed in our clinic playroom & nursery from 9AM-12PM on Thursday mornings. Each of these playgroup events will be tailored with themes relevant to newborns and their parents, and hosted by a relevant specialist.

Leveraging our unique roster, the Healthy Beginnings Playgroup will see Naturopaths, Doulas, Montessori teachers, Kindermusik teachers, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, and more sharing their knowledge. New parents and families alike will find plenty to learn on topics like immunity during cold and flu season for the whole family, infant massage, introducing your baby to foods, and more!

The goal behind the dates is to provide a forum for new parents and families to connect, while gleaning valuable information from professionals and trusted specialists in the community, bringing parents together who have a pension for healthy living and natural solutions to getting there.

As a bonus, starting next week, we will have complimentary childcare available for two massage patients, immediately following playgroup. For more information you can reach out to any of the Cornerstone team, visit our Facebook Group, and lastly, check out our Upcoming Events page for dates and sign-up!

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