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In the graduate medical training space there is a stage referred to as a residency. The acceptance of a residency offer means that a current (or recently graduated!) Doctor practices medicine under the supervision of an attending physician. Once a residency is successfully completed, the resident physician will move on having obtained 2 years of vast experience.

On that note, Cornerstone is very excited to introduce our first full time Resident, Dr. Ashley Margeson. Her two-year residency at the clinic will be focused on both teaching and supporting patient care, where she’ll be working alongside Dr. Ben Connolly Tuesday through Friday, and seeing her own patients on Saturdays.

Dr. Margeson’s arrival marks a point of exciting growth for both Cornerstone and Nova Scotia. As always, an addition to the team adds a degree of depth and value to the Cornerstone culture, and opens doors to new treatment availability. Ultimately it’s good for both our patients and our roster, but the story doesn’t end there.

As part of our mission to create a lifestyle hub at the Cornerstone clinic and to support the Naturopathic profession as a result, we’ve been striving to offer new programs, take on new initiatives, and bring on an array of new specialists. The addition of Dr. Margeson is our way of building on a great thing, positioning us as the first clinic in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada and east of Toronto to offer a residency program for Naturopathic Doctors.

As Dr. Margeson’s career development unfolds before our eyes, we’re hoping that the landscape for ND residencies in Nova Scotia evolves alongside it. We’ll be spearheading the charge, and look forward to what the future brings. More than that, we’re looking forward to having you join us.

Swing by our clinic to get a sense of what’s new and, don’t forget, we’re opening on Saturdays starting September 10th!

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