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Cornerstone Video

Are Your Hormones Out Of Whack? Testing Them Might Be Crucial

Bloating, cramps, mood swings, hair loss (or growth), low sex drive, miscarriages and extreme fatigue - these symptoms could be a sign that your hormones simply aren’t supporting your health needs as best they could. Check out the full blog here:...

3 Healthy Habits To Set You Up For Meal Prep Success

Eating well is an excellent pillar in healthy living, but lending to the issue of sugars and additives is the cost of better food. Read the full blog here: https://cornerstonenaturopathic.ca/blog/entry/healthy-habits-for-better-eating

PRP and Arthritis

This week, Dr. Ben chats with us about how PRP can help with the pain caused by Arthritis, as part of our series for Chronic Pain Awareness Month! https://cornerstonenaturopathic.ca/blog/entry/chronic-pain-awareness-month-prp-and-arthritis

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