If you haven’t already heard the news, we’re excited to announce that Dr. Ben will be speaking at the 2017 Atlantic Leadership Forum on June 10th!

The Atlantic Leadership Forum is hosted by Fusion Halifax, a not-for-profit organization that challenges young professionals in Halifax to think forward and take charge of the city’s future. They connect, engage, and inspire members to make Halifax a destination-of-choice to live, work and play.

The forum itself is a weekend-long event that hosted 125 young professionals from across the Atlantic Provinces last year alone. The goal is to discuss, explore, and practice bridging passion and profession. Now, as it moves into its second year, the aim is to drive real change in Halifax and beyond.

Through interactive sessions, networking, and collaboration, young professionals and community leaders will again secure skills, knowledge, and strategy. Once applied, these individuals will be poised to strengthen their communities, yielding better places to work, live, and play.

Dr. Ben will be speaking on Hustle: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. He’ll be diving into the stress factors of hustling and how they can contribute to productivity and focus, as well as the long-term implications and eventual burnout if left unchecked.

In addition, Dr. Ben will cover the symptoms of burnout that include brain fog, mid-afternoon crashes, second winds of energy in the evening, decreased focus on individual tasks, lack of motivation, poor water retention, and cravings for salt or sugar. Once identified, one can control these detriments by intelligently managing stress factors and leveraging their benefits in strategic bursts.

Dr. Ben strives to educate and empower his peers in taking charge of their health, making themselves a priority that they might achieve their best life and inspiring them to help others as well.

Visit the official page for the Atlantic Leadership Forum.

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