Yoga is one of those really important duality activities that bolsters both the body and the mind. From a purely objective perspective yoga strengthens the body and encourages deep, restorative breathing, but in reality there’s a lot more going on.

Mental benefits

Breathing exercises are intrinsically linked to meditation and mental wellness. It’s a matter of focus; by concentrating on breathing patterns, we dispel distraction and achieve a distinct situational awareness that’s often a gateway to meditation and meditative states.

As we’ve touched on before, it’s this state of being that relaxes our minds and relieves anxiety. From here, one is free to absorb the present and bask in a calm that lowers heart rates, increases blood flow, and lowers blood pressure – all of which can do wonders for the mind and body alike, including deeper sleep cycles and reducing chronic pain.

Physical benefits

From the physical side of things, taking up yoga positions will inherently increase your flexibility and muscle tone. It’s also an excellent mode of reducing weight, improving circulation and respiratory health, and so much more.

Consider that yoga lowers your cortisol levels, for example. You may know that your adrenal glands generate cortisol when the situation calls for it, but another reality is that managing cortisol levels in your body is critical. Consistently high amounts jeopardize your long-term memory, emotional wellbeing, weight, and even immune system!

In the same vein is lower blood sugar. Lowering your cortisol levels and adrenaline levels in concert with the inherent weight loss benefits of yoga will reduce blood sugar levels can lessen the likelihood of a wealth of unpleasant diabetic complications, including heart attack.

It’s all good

It’s difficult to encompass all of the benefits yoga proposes in one place. Each of the many benefits have a multitude of positive effects on each individual who practices. Confidence and self esteem, improved breathing and cardiovascular performance, relationship improvements, immune system strengthening. The benefits are so plentiful and individualized that it’s easy to recommend that everyone experiment with yoga at least once. It’s a clear frontrunner in the landscape of physical wellbeing and mindfulness.

If you’ve been following our Serenity Saturdays program, you’ll know that it’s a day of the week committed to providing a different type of Cornerstone experience, one that’s focused on the benefits of quiet and a meditative environment.

At 10:00AM on November 5th 2015, certified yoga instructor and life coach Brenda Mailer will be at our clinic, leading a yoga class and taking participants through a gentle yoga sequence designed to stimulate awareness of one’s inner presence. Best of all, the cost of this karma class is a simple food or monetary donation, which goes to the St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank! Because space is limited, we ask that you call or email us to reserve your spot, as soon as possible!

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