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Keto Boot Camp

Is the product of thousands of patient visits over the past 8 years. 

It is the accumulation of years of research while working one on one with patients to help them be successful with a ketogenic diet no matter the reason. Whether it be for weight loss, diabetes or mental health, Keto Boot Camp will help you achieve your goals. 

More Energy

Wake up rested, skip the afternoon crash and still have energy in the evening to get outside.

Better Focus

Improve your focus, memory, and mental Stamina and get rid of the brain fog.

Your Best You

Gain muscle mass, decrease fat and optimize your body composition.

Whats Stopping You?

All you need is the right plan.

Your Keto Boot Camp is an evidence-based, medically created and tested solution to your toughest problems. 

Meal Plans

You want it easy and here it is. Multiple meal plans for all individuals broken down into breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks all with complete macros. It couldn’t get easier. 

Exercise Plans

Evidence-based exercise plans to use while on Keto Boot Camp. High-Intensity Interval Training which takes only a few minutes a day to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Cheat Sheets 

Quick and easy cheat sheets to bring up on your phone when you’re at the bar and need to know which drink you should have. What about when you’re at a restaurant? We have a cheat sheet for that too.

Simple & Effective

Created by Doctors over years of practice, Keto Boot Camp is a tried, tested and proven approach to help you achieve your goals. Regardless of why you are doing Keto, you deserve the best keto program designed with your safety in mind. 

Will I Get The Keto Flu?

You’ll learn how over the years we’ve perfected entering into ketosis while avoiding the dreaded keto-flu.

Keto Boot Camp has given me my life back. I've lost 20 lbs in 2 months and I'm pain free

Sarah H.

I feel for the first time For the first time in years, I am at peace with my diet and what my body & mind needs to stay and be healthy.

Lori F.

Complete Keto Boot Camp

All meal plans, recipes, cheat sheets, exercise plans, and guides.


Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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