From tendons to facial scarring to wrinkles, it all comes back to the cells called platelets and the healing factors they bring to the table when applied strategically to injuries, degeneration, and degradation of functions and cells across our body. Very recently, we took a closer look at how platelet-rich plasma injections (also known as PRP) can be leveraged to put these healing factors to work and address some of the more common, and slower to heal, injuries that athletes and the everyman alike suffer. Tendon injuries including Tennis Elbowhamstringachilleswrinkles on the hands or face, and even facial scarring caused by acne.

For those of you who have been following the series closely, we’re only going to summarize how things work in a nutshell. For a more in-depth look at what PRP injections are doing when applied as a healing utility, head over to our dedicated PRP page. To summarize, a patient’s blood is drawn and, with the help of modern technology, platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood, and extracted. These platelets and all of the healing factors contained therein are strategically injected back into the patient to achieve a number of exciting results, as outlined above.

But, one conversation we haven’t crossed into yet is how PRP can treat hair loss. A central point of woe for men and women alike for as long as hair loss has existed, the causes and the treatments both vary. Though genetics and medical complications are often at the forefront, stress and care can also play a part in jeopardizing the health of one’s hair – inevitably resulting in hair loss. A newer solution to an age-old ailment, platelet-rich plasma is making strides in reversing hair loss, and documented results add to an already impressive array of applications.

Capitalizing on the proteins contained in a patient’s own blood means the treatments are autologous and entirely safe, and not only promote hair’s regrowth, but also strengthen it. If you haven’t noticed a trend in PRP’s effect on recovery, it’s that using the resources provided by one’s own body creates systems of repair that boast a natural longevity. As platelets regenerate stem cells in the hair follicle, they also participate in new cell growth. They do this as a result of their components – cytokines (or the cells sent by our immune system to aid in a repair), oxygen, and other healing proteins not only mend damage, but create an ideal landscape for healthy cell generation to occur. In a sense, restoring parts of the body to a state of pre-deterioration or damage.

Cornerstone Naturopathic is working hard to define itself as Atlantic Canada’s premier PRP clinic and supplier of research and practical application findings. As with any treatment, we encourage you to contact our clinic directly for any additional information, or simply set up a consultation to chat with us in person.

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