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September at Cornerstone typically entails excitedly anticipating our October birthday. The birthday of our dream to create a lifestyle hub for high quality, evidence-based natural medicine brings into perspective all that has matured and come to fruition so far. As each year passes and Cornerstone steps into a new chapter of its endeavours, we’re given the opportunity to reflect on and celebrate all that we’ve done.Five years. It was 2011 when Dr. Ben and I founded Cornerstone in two small, shared offices. It was a dream bound to outgrow the space, and so it wasn’t long before we opened our new clinic, this clinic, opened in 2014. We started treating patients and building relationships immediately, and our custom built state-of- the-art facility continues to serve us well. With a formidable roster of Naturopathic Doctors and specialists, we treat acute and chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and a host of other conditions while maintaining a hub for healthy lifestyle decisions and education.

Four was a big year for us. The later months of 2015 and much of 2016 saw new services, events, and initiatives take form and reach our patients in ways that surprised even us. Between a dedicated online publishing presence, our work in the PRP space, an ND resident, the Healthy Beginnings Playgroup and more, we’ve been busy!

Being online

When the doors to our new clinic officially opened, they opened in more places than one. For us, a modern space meant being present not only in Atlantic Canada, but online as well. With a new site on hand, we were poised to deliver the full package. Developing that digital value during year four meant doubling down on our online presence. Weekly publications tied to everything Cornerstone, ramped up social media, and informative additions to our website are just a few of the additions to our regimen, and there’s more to come soon!


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is concentrated blood plasma that contains 3-5 times the number of platelets found in normal blood circulation. These platelets contain growth factors and several other biologically active proteins and cytokines that aid our bodies by healing wounds. With PRP injections, we can concentrate those factors and use them to treat targeted injuries that wouldn’t normally see a lot of regenerative blood flow.

In 2016 we got to talking about PRP in a big way, educating our patients and our readers, while making a concentrated effort to broadcast that we were the first PRP clinic between here and Ontario. For more information on PRP and it’s various applicable treatments head to our dedicated PRP page, one of our many articles on the subject, or call us directly.

Our foray into ND residency

As the first clinic in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, and east of Toronto to offer a residency program to Naturopathic Doctors, bringing Dr. Ashley Margeson’s excellent array of skills to our clinic was as good for us as it was for the industry.

Dr. Margeson’s two-year residency at the clinic will see her tending to patients alongside Dr. Ben on Tuesdays through Fridays, and seeing her own patients on Saturdays! Swing by to welcome her to the team or to book a consultation.

The Healthy Beginnings Playgroup

August marked the kickoff of our Healthy Beginnings Playgroup, which is housed in our clinic’s playroom & nursery every Thursday morning. The events themed around creating a happy and healthy lifestyle for parents and newborns by educating, sharing, and discussing.

Each unique event is hosted by Naturopaths, Doulas, Montessori teachers, Kindermusik teachers, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and more – bringing parents who have a pension for healthy living and natural solutions together in a forum that’s fun and informative. With an active Facebook Group and complimentary childcare available for up to two massage patients, the Healthy Beginnings Playgroup has been very busy indeed! Head over to our Events page to sign up.

What’s next?

We’ll be celebrating our birthday in full come October, and more details on that will be available as September wraps up. Aside from the festivities, you can expect Cornerstone to continue evolving and iterating on our vision. Everything we do is to better our community and the Naturopathic profession, and we’re grateful to have our wonderful patients alongside us.

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