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The St. Margaret’s Bay Women’s Wellness Expo debuted in May of 2013 with an ambitious mission to encourage and promote sustainable wellness to the mothers, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, and women of every variety in attendance.

Located at the Shining Waters Marine in Tantallon NS, tickets are $5.00 per person and free for all those under the age of 16. A portion of every ticket sold is donated to The Marguerite Centre, a local charity supporting women recovering from addiction. S

An opportunity to support local and celebrate womanhood for a day is hard to pass up, which is why myself (Dr. Ben) and Dr. Jillian will be attending to dig into the details of Cornerstone’s natural cosmetic treatments. At our table, we’ll be discussing the effects of Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, also known as PRP which was has become very popular due to its use by actors and actresses in Hollywood.

In addition to slowing the aging process and decreasing the appearance of winkles, PRP treatments are a natural way of healing scars, stretch marks, hair loss/thinning hair, and more. Concentrated blood plasma with increased numbers of platelets is home to several biologically active proteins and cytokines that contribute to healing wounds.

These facial procedures stimulate collagen growth, while thickening and rejuvenating the skin. Because PRP comes directly from your own body, there’s no risk of allergic reaction to either the injection or the fillers. Improvements can be seen in as little as four to seven weeks, with long lasting benefits!

To add some excitement to the mix we’ll be hosting a draw at our table, and one lucky winner will be awarded a free PRP hair treatment valued at $600! We look forward to seeing you and answering your questions, so drop by for a visit and contribute to a great cause.

For a list of all the events Cornerstone hosts and attends, check out our Upcoming Events page. To book our multipurpose room and host an event yourself, contact us here. See you soon!

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