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Cherie Butler

Patient Care Coordinator

A resident of St. Margaret’s Bay for 15 years, Cherie’s connection to the ocean is linked to her passion for food, fermentation, and implementing nutrition into medicine. Working at a local market around an abundance of natural foods was a source of information on both agriculture and sourcing local goods, which ultimately bridged the gap between dietetics and relationship management. It was this crossroads that would bring Cherie closer to her community, and later, to Cornerstone.

A graduate of Alive Academy’s Natural Health Fundamentals program, Cherie’s interests would quickly become her expertise, as she took on management of Mariposa Health Market. A holistic hub for local produce specializing in sustainable, organic foods ranging from veg and meats to bread and coffee, it was here that Cherie could connect the worlds of nutrition, vitamins, and supplements with a market that was slowly adopting the idea of consuming responsibly. It was an endeavor as much about the communication of the products, as the products themselves.

An ideal and communicative addition to the Cornerstone team, Cherie’s role as a Patient Care Coordinator leverages her highly positive disposition with her knowledgeable background in nutrition and wellness. A formidable point of contact with a passion for making people feel cared for, her bright presence is sure to be felt by patients, and Cornerstone is lucky to have her on board. 

Cornerstone Naturopathic Team

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