Theresa Rollet McWilliams

Theresa Rollet McWilliams

Patient Care Coordinator

As passionate about food as she is energetic healing techniques, Theresa is the clinic’s voice for holistic treatment, the individual complexities behind wellness, and the varying avenues that lead to quality of life enhancement.

A graduate of CSNN and advocate for food as the future of medicine, Theresa is a Reiki Level II practitioner with a passion for energetic healing. A General Diploma of Homeopathy (non-practicing) through the British Institute of Homeopathy is the foundation on which Theresa’s profound understanding of the holistic nature of wellness is built. Formidable at capturing and communicating the multiple modalities required to encourage healthy change state of being, Theresa can often be found facilitating workshops that inspire patients to experiment with novel ingredients as a result.

Capitalizing on the natural beauty of the St. Margaret’s Bay trail leading to the Cornerstone clinic, Theresa is no stranger to the local geography while cycling on her commute. It’s here, and in her garden, that she connects with what’s natural and can fulfill the importance of animals and wildlife in her daily routine; she often encourages patients to seek out similar instances of fulfilment within the landscape of their busy lives.

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