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Amanda Conrad

Amanda Conrad

R. Ac

Amanda Conrad is a Nova Scotia native, growing up surrounded by the beauty and the bounty of land and sea, and enjoying the dynamics a large, close knit family. Her family dynamics cultivated a sense of curiosity that led her to discover the natural medicine world, and eventually to Acupuncture.  

Amanda believes that when you are healthy, you have the capacity to pursue anything you wish. She focuses her treatments on her patient's individual needs; never settling for the status quo. Every patient in her office can be assured that they are listened to on all levels. 

As someone who works to practice what she preaches, Amanda spends her spare time upgrading her skills, while pursuing her interest in energy and emotional stresses that ultimately affect our well-being. She strives to practice a healthy, holistic lifestyle (at least as often as she can) of nutrition, regular workouts at the gym, a whole health awareness, and a bit of dabbling into the energy fields. She also happens to be quite a pro on the hockey rink, and enjoys nature walks with her energetic dog, Grace as often as she can. 

She is thrilled to bring Acupuncture and it's wide-ranging benefits to the Cornerstone Naturopathic Community! 

Continuing Education

  • Diploma in Acupuncture
    Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, December 2016

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Cornerstone in Yarmouth!

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