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5 Benefits of IVs This Holiday Season

Have your cake and eat it too. Or, with New Year’s Eve celebrations right around the corner, have your wine and drink it too! We’ve talked about the benefits of IVs before, and anyone who has ever had one knows just how great they are. But, we thought we’d share what...

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Smells of the Holiday Season

It’s the holidays, and few things smell better than cloves, cinnamon and a hint of orange zest when the air is chilly and the Christmas tree is bright with light. The aromas are warm, familiar, and instantly trigger a childhood craving in all of us for our winter...

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Chasing Away the Winter Blues

Last week we gained an extra hour of sleep and with it came shorter days, which seem to end at 5pm. This time of the year is when a number of people begin to feel the effects of seasonal affective disorder. What is that you ask? SAD sufferers experience several...

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