Have you ever felt the restorative quality of calm and quiet wash over you?

Many of us have experienced that moment in the midst of calm and quiet where we can enjoy a deep breath and absorb our surroundings. There’s something inherently restorative in allowing that moment to wipe the slate clean, as we posture to explore our thoughts, go to sleep, or generate some of our highest quality output.

In my experience that moment can’t always be recreated on a whim, but organic elements like sunlight, a gust of wind, natural sounds or a pleasant aroma can help to get us there. In so many cases, that state of mind will amplify what our patients are capable of – during consultation, treatment, and recovery alike.

Wiping the slate clean and creating an atmosphere that’s conducive to those sorts of experiences is important to us at Cornerstone. It’s for this reason that we designed our clinic to be green (both in function and geography), and continue to make improvements at every opportunity.


What you might not know is that the Cornerstone clinic was built with orientation in mind, capitalizing on the lay of the land and the rise and setting of the sun to maximize our natural light. The light that isn’t natural radiates from bulbs that are all LED.

Our heating system counts on both solar and geothermal components, where our floor and water heating is fuelled by nine solar panels. Our geothermal units take advantage of the natural layers of clay and underground water that feeds into a nearby creek. Needless to say, the cold Nova Scotia winters are a little cozier here.

Speaking of keeping the warmth where it belongs, our windows and doors are all sealed with new epoxy technology designed to do battle with extreme cold environments, and our extended roof structure built over the front door means you can pull up and enter the clinic totally shielded from the elements.


As you might’ve heard, we’ve been undergoing minor renovations to further enhance the clinic’s sound isolation elements. Our goal is to create a distinctly personal and comfortable experience that utterly excludes external influences. Modifications such as door placement and isolation technologies in each room are just the tip of the iceberg.

On that note, we’ll also be kicking off Serenity Saturdays in the near future – a timeframe each week allotted for the utmost in noise considerations. A smaller roster of physicians in place with a special mandate to keep noise to the barest minimum, in addition to decreased through-traffic, will empower us to provide a unique experience for patients who require as such. We’ll be working on a lineup of quiet yoga, mindfulness, and meditation classes to compliment the experience – for more on Serenity Saturdays, keep your eye on our site and social media in the coming weeks!


If you enjoyed a recent visit to the Cornerstone clinic, have any questions or comments, or would like to book an appointment with one of our physicians, contact us online or by phone. As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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