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Category: Nutrition

  • Sep 06 2017

    Fall Fit-Camp

    Fall Fit Camp is starting soon! Don't miss your chance to join a great group class - to kick start a great, healthy fall fitness routine!

  • May 01 2017


    Strength training and a nutrition workshop bundled into small-group delivery from an industry expert - these are just some of the facets of FIT-NUT's FIT-CAMP.

  • Jan 17 2017

    Kombucha Workshop

    Kombucha is a tart, fizzy fermented tea drink that easily can replace alcohol and soda in your diet.  Probiotic in kombucha help to provide your body with what it needs to heal itself.  Come learn to brew, flavor your own take home bottle of  kombucha for a fraction of the cost of store bought drinks and adopt a SCOBY to start your own batch.

    Limit of 6 participants so register now!

  • Sep 27 2016

    Gluten Freedom: Kicking the Grain Habit

    Join Theresa RolletMcWilliams, Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant to discuss what grains are and how we can substitute less processed and more nourishing foods for the grain foods in our diet.

  • Aug 30 2016

    Simple Changes: Cleaning Up Your Diet

    Are you caught in a rut with meals?  Is life busy and you find yourself eating the same old processed and take out foods?  Join Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant Theresa to find out about some easy swaps to improve your nutrition.  Learn what fast foods really are healthy and what "health" foods are falsely advertised.  Improve your health one mouthful at a time!

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